Generation Cedar

Perhaps this prayer we prayed this morning, along with our church body, will comfort you as it did me:

“O God, who takest delight in helping the afflicted, help a soul too often distressed with an inward rebellion against thy just appointments.

Who am I, that I should make exceptions against the will of God, infinitely great, wise, and good? I know not the things that are for my good. My earnest desires, if granted, may prove my ruin.

The things I complain of and fear, may be the effects of the greatest mercy. The disappoint- ments I meet with, may be absolutely necessary for my eternal welfare. I do therefore protest against the sin and madness of desiring to have my will done, and not the will of God.

Grant, gracious Father, that I may never dispute the reasonableness of Thy will, but ever close with it, as the best that can happen. Prepare me always for what Thy providence shall bring forth.

Let me never murmur, be dejected, or impatient, under any of the troubles of this life; but ever find rest and comfort in this, THIS IS THE WILL OF MY FATHER, AND OF MY GOD: this for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen.”

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