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Elizabeth Elliot exudes wisdom. I’m assuming every Christian here knows her well; if not, get to know her. Now in her 80’s and suffering with Alzheimer’s, her years of writing and speaking continue to impact the world.

Here is an excerpt from one of her devotionals about the responsibility of Christian parents to train their children. “Because the Bible tells me so.” She doesn’t beat around the bush!

“In the small church, it seemed, they hated their children. In the big one they loved them. They were taught (from the pulpit, the couple told us) to love them according to the Bible’s definition of love: Keep them in order.”

Read the rest of Elliot’s The Comfort of Discipline

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  1. Oh, I love E.Elliot. Her writings and her life have been such an encouragement to me. What an example of true servanthood and of loving Christ above all else.

  2. Thanks for sharing this very encouraging devotional. It’s easy to start to feel like the overly strict no fun parent for consistently disciplining your children. The world think you’re nuts if you actually expect a child to obey the first time he is told something. If you discipline him for disobeying without first giving him three warnings and a time-out freebie then your considered harsh or unfair. I’m feel much less isolated now. good article.

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