Generation Cedar

You are my gift, my joy, my heart. Do you know how very loved you are?

You might hear, as you grow up, that you’re supposed to “do great things” but I won’t tell you that.

Not because there is anything wrong with doing something great, something that stands out and shines. But your being alive is already great.

No, what I want for you is to do little things with great meaning. To be extraordinary by living well in the ordinary.”

A life well lived is lived well in each common moment. And it takes uncommon bravery to do small things well.

Did you do your best when you made up your bed? Did you smile at the stranger that had a low head? Do you show kindness when you don’t feel kind? Do you praise others when you fall behind?

These and thousands more gestures a day weave together to make a grand and beautiful life.

So yes, I want you to “do great things” one by one and day by day.

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  1. I like this. I think some kids can feel very pressured to do great things, not knowing that doing the little things well adds up to great things done. I know I was one of them.

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