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In trying to understand our culture’s current attitude toward children and the common practice of birth control, one has to dig, if you will, or peel back many different layers of thinking.

In speaking about a friend of mine who has seven children, another friend (strong believer) commented, “I just don’t think they know what they’re getting themselves into”. The comment has played over in my mind all day, because it reveals a strong delusion that even Christians have suffered. The delusion is that we cause children to be born. And if you believe that humanistic idea, then it completely changes your perspective on children. If WE cause children, then we obviously have the right to prevent them. And her statement insinuates that “they” have made some kind of mistake by having all these children, and “they” are going to pay for it.

Biblically speaking, WE do not create children. To think so is arrogant and grossly pompous. We can only prevent them, nothing more. And if God indeed is the One who creates our children, and gives us our children, and calls them gifts from Himself, then only those who prevent them should have to give an explanation. Don’t ask me to explain why my body is doing exactly what God created it to do! You explain to me why you are refusing to let yours! How it must grieve the heart of God to hear a child of His talk about His gifts as some kind of mistake (“they don’t know what they’re getting themselves into”)! THEY have nothing to do with it!

We have to regroup our thinking, push away the culture’s brainwashing, and get back to the basics: God created male and female. He said it is good for them to marry, share an intimate relationship, and reap the natural results of that relationship. In case we have forgotten, he did not give us a “what if” option of turning off our ability to bear children if the circumstances are not just right, or if we just don’t want the responsibility of raising children. It was man’s idea to prevent the birth of children; those who haven’t chosen to work against their body’s natural design should certainly not have to give an answer…no more than I should have to give an answer for why I breathe.

And let me clarify: in case you think I feel hostile toward those who practice birth control, I do not. Rather, I am angered at the lie that Christians have bought into and inevitably use against those who do not practice bc. It is interesting to note, most people who believe that it is OK to practice birth control have at least some problem with allowing God to be sovereign over your family size. Why is that? Feel free to enlighten me.

I type this with love in my heart and a smile on my face :-)…Practice birth control if you wish; but understand that it is not God’s natural design, and stop treating it like it is. I love my fellow BC users, but I would like to experience the joy of having a full quiver without all the disdain. Spread the word!

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