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A beautiful, tough post from my cyber-friend, Jennifer:

“Some Sundays it’s hard to be at church. That may sound like a funny thing for me to say. Yes, I love Jesus very much. I love to worship Him and to be taught His word. I enjoy the fellowship meals, conversations and the love of my church. These folks are so dear to my heart. They are family.

So, what makes church hard for me? Babies. Little ones.”

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  1. The link is bad, strangely so bc I did find the post by scrolling through the other posts first, but it gives me a “page not found” error when I click on its hyper link here or even on the OP’s blog. Same thing with the comments link on original blog. Very weird. Anyway, thank you for your words Mrs. Griffin!

  2. I would like to read this… as I too am a devout Christian and suffering with infertility, but the link isn’t working. It says 404 Page Not Found. Is there a way to fix the link??

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