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Homemaking: Building a Home Builds the Kingdom

by Kelly Crawford

Building a home, building people, building the Kingdom–this is the profound task we’ve been called to–commanded and privileged to do!

Rebekah Merckle is fantastic at revealing the enormous scope of what it means to be a woman who glorifies the Lord in her calling, making everything better, and using all the gifts and opportunities he’s given us.

I’ve written a whole bunch about this amazing job we’ve been given if you want to dive deeper. Here are just a few of the hundreds here…

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7 Ways to Turn Mundane Into Meaning (When Motherhood is Hard)

Remembering the Importance of the Seemingly Unimportant at Home

Contrary to what culture thinks about homemaking and being a woman, the reality is that when we catch the vision for how vast and unending are the possibilities, and how powerful our influence, we are catapulted into the task of getting busy.  You’ll be so glad you watched!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about it too!

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