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I don’t post provocative topics for the enjoyment of debate.  I write about what is heavy on my heart because there is only one hope for humanity–the redemption of The Cross–blood poured out for the one who knows he is utterly hopeless without it.

And yet in our day the cross is becoming less and less needed.  As false doctrine bubbles up like an undetected poison, and we exalt Self under the guise of false humility, truth becomes relative and a spiritual apathy settles over us.  May it not be.

“Debate can be unpleasant at times, but at least it presupposes that there are truths worth defending, ideas worth fighting for.  In our postmodernist age, however, your truths are yours, my truths are mine, and none are significant enough to get passionate about.  And if there is no truth, then we cannot persuade one another by rational arguments.  All that’s left is sheer power–which opens the door to a new form of fascism.”   Charles Colson How Now Shall We Live

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  1. Good post. I think it is good that people will debate things that are important to them. And, it also shows us WHAT is important to them by what they are willing to debate.

  2. Debating should be healthy and respectful no matter how deep the chasm between the two respective sides – unfortunately, even among Christians we seem to choose either anger or apathy. Sigh.

  3. Good quote. I think I need to get a copy of that book! :o)

    One thought. Debate (regardless of how respectful) is only productive if both sides are actually listening.

    That does not mean we need to be wishy-washy and wide open to accepting every opinion that comes along. But rather, we need to honestly consider what the other person has said before answering him.

    Christian discussion should honor God and be focused on learning His truth rather than simply shouting down the guy with whom we disagree.


  4. Kelly,
    Anyone who has read your posts for even a short time can know your heart. It is clear you are not in this just to argue. But you are called to bring to light the things that are destroying the Body of Christ. It is your great love for Him and the Body that causes you to put yourself in the center of the target time and time again. Thank you for having the courage to speak what God has told you to speak, and the grace to deal with the adversity is stirs up.

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