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Join me today at Raising Homemakers for a powerful reminder of the most important tool we can give our children…

“‘Parenting is hard’.  My friend announced their family motto.  I agree with her 100%.

There’s the delicate balance between “training them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” and all that entails, and the work that only the Lord can do in a heart…We teach them character, to be thankful, to be cheerful to be servant-minded, but all those things must spring from a heart that acts in gratitude toward a risen Savior.

Sometimes it all seems to flow together naturally….

But sometimes, we see the Deceptor’s hand at work using love of Self to breed rebellion and ingratitude.

It brings every parent to the throne of grace faster than anything.  We can talk, we can plead; but it soon becomes evident that only a work of God can soften that heart, bringing it to a place of joyful submission to the Lord….

We can’t change the heart.  But there are things we CAN do do bring them toward the One who can…

Read all of “Training the (Deceitful) Heart: Giving Our  Children the Mighty Weapons”


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  1. Hi Kelly!

    Excellent thoughts! I love the statement, “We can’t change the heart. But there are things we CAN do do bring them toward the One who can…”

    ((hugs)) to you my friend!

  2. Kelly,

    I read it all and you Nailed it!!Just a couple more things I might add if you don’t
    It is So very easy when our children are small to “Keep their Hearts”.We here alot about this.They love us and forgive us,unconditionally.As they get older we still want their hearts but we ULTIMATELY want the Lord to have their hearts and this is where all the training comes in when they are younger.As they hit the “Adult Years” where four of mine are..they will experience things full force I guess you can say.When my oldest daughter who teaches at a Christian Preschool now was taking her classes for her “state hours”..all required..she came home one day and stated.”I feel like they are trying to brainwash me”..Ha!! Yep!! Thank the Lord she recognized it..I never taught her about secular humanism..she just recognized it. They will recognize “evil” when they are older!..I’m going to be honest here and tell you that we almost lost our daughter to the world a few years back over a horrible situation and the thing that grieved me the most was “did she know the Lord”! I felt like I was drowning in grief.I have NEVER spent so much time in Prayer and Crying out to the Lord and by his grace and mercy she is home now and coming to church with us and has dealt with the entire mess.We think this can happen only in secular education or work..What turned her away was a big relationship issue in the church and all the hypocrasy that went with it and I’m sure how we responded to it.ANGER…it will turn your kids away in a heartbeat!! I’m telling you!! NO PLACE IN A CHRISTIAN HOME!! and believe me..we “thought” we had a right to be angry!Mostly me!!so..after I got on my face and repented and cried out to the Lord..and forgave..Our daughter began to turn back to us and the Lord!So..if you could all learn from me and not make the same mistake that I did, you will spare yourself some grief!
    We cannot be our kids “Holy Spirit” when they get older..Thanks for letting me share!

  3. Boy, tell me about it. I’m in thick of it today with my oldest boy. Deliberate stealing, lying to me three times about it. I know I can’t change his heat. He says he’s a Christian (he’s also 8 years old), but he’s also very worldly, selfish, and not interested in spiritual things (even for an 8 year old boy). However, since we homeschool and have daily Bible class, we memorize a lot of Scripture and I pray for him and over him daily.

  4. Kristen,

    I just want to encourage you to keep at it!! So often when we have a difficult child we want to spend time apart from them.(I know I did anyway)..We must do the opposite.Have him be your helper and keep him by your side as much as possible.Cry out to the Lord for the “special ways” to spend time with him.Remove negative peer pressure and replace it with good.Find him doing something good!!Let him see a joyful mommy(not saying that you are not)..He’s only eight..there is so much hope and time..Keep Praying and seeking the Lord’s wisdom..Blessings to you today!!

    1. Excellent advice Keri. I’m very convicted about how much I have avoided my children when they are at their most difficult. Time to go and find the current one. Thank you.

    2. Oh, Keri, Thank you!! I so needed this conviction and encouragement! I am weary today…not a joyful Momma…pushing away the difficult one…and she is seven. Your words brought healing conviction to my heart today. Thank you so much!! Just…thank you.

  5. Great post, Kelly! AND you reminded me that I had purchased your “Scripture Songs” CD (as downloads) after the tornado but haven’t been able to get them to play. Can you e-mail me, please, to troubleshoot?


    In Him


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