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I’ve been quiet here for a while about hot topics (mostly because my hot topic is running my household/home business and keeping all these people fed and happy).

But because I think this is such a crucial issue and I know many Christian parents are grasping at straws about how to navigate through these murky waters with their children, I felt compelled to address one of the most controversial issues on the planet.

We are living in a time where anything goes, humans are their own gods, and if you disagree with pretty much anything a person wants to do (except maybe murder and child abuse) you are ousted as the bad guy, the hater, the ignorant and unenlightened.

We have kid drag queens being applauded for lewd performances and the LGBTQ agenda being pushed very hard in the public school system to normalize almost every kind of sexual perversion that exists. (Yes, pedophilia is right behind.) Transgender athletes robbing victories in sports and feminists scratching their heads over what to do because they said “we’re equal.”

What seems extreme to us in these kinds of examples is quickly becoming norm. Should it? And how should Christians respond? We already have the reputation of being “hateful” toward these alternate lifestyles, so how do we rightly share our faith, help our children see truth, and communicate to a broken world that there is hope and joy and freedom?

There is a movie called “Audacity” that I encourage you all to begin with. It’s a simple yet compelling explanation of how Christians must think about these issues. In a nutshell, and what I’ve always said, our faith is marked by one word: LOVE. And while it seems contrary to the world to say that our loving God is also a just God who WILL, in the end, bring judgement and death to those who have rejected salvation, we must understand how hateful it is to tell a perishing world that they’re OK, just so we can be popular and not suffer the wrath of those who insist in being their own gods.

Why Even Some Churches Have Compromised the Truth

Many churches are even affirming the lifestyle of homosexuality/transgenderism based on a couple of presuppositions.

First, they believe that if a person is born a certain way (and we do believe most homosexuals are born with a tendency to same-sex attraction) then they simply can’t be expected to change that disposition and God would not expect them to.

The problem with that theory is that we are all born predisposed to certain sins. Some fight adultery, fornication and most all of us fight idolatry, anger, lying and gossip. To be predisposed to sin is not a license to act upon it. We (believers) are all in the business of being called to die to ourselves daily, whatever our temptations to sin may be. When our temptations are starved rather than fed, we find ourselves gravitating to what is right.

Secondly, there is a strong effort to dig into the original Greek meanings of the references that modern translations make to “homosexuality” and argue that the Bible doesn’t actually condemn it. Also, that just because the Old Testament refers to homosexuality as an abomination, so does it refer to eating bacon as the same. How hypocritical to call one a sin and not the other?

A clear understanding of Scripture reveals that the Old Testament contained natural, moral laws which are eternal (Jesus even ramped them up in the New Testament) and disciplinary, civil/dietary laws which were done away with under the New Covenant. It’s that simple and not a point of contention for the one who understands Scripture.

Thirdly, they maintain that since the great commandment is “loving your neighbor as yourself” it would follow that we are to accept their lifestyle because that’s how we would want to be treated. Ironically, it’s the opposite of love. It’s hate. Because the Bible promises that one day, we will all stand before the judgement seat of God to give an answer for how we have lived–not that any of us have lived perfectly, but whether we put our trust in a Savior, longing to die more and more to sin and become more like Him. And since the Bible does clearly condemn sin, those who have not repented, turned away from their lifestyle of sin, and trusted in Christ as their Savior, will tragically be condemned to eternal punishment.

As much as some people hate that idea, the reality is that those same people were created by the same God that made the promise. Regardless of what someone wants to believe, this is a reality impossible to escape. And given that fact, the only loving thing we can do is continue to proclaim His truth and love and forgiveness until He returns.

So How to Teach Our Children?

We must start with a good understanding, ourselves, of the arguments that will be thrown at us, a few of which I addressed briefly above. We must be able to give an answer for our hope–intelligently, and lovingly upholding the truth of God’s Word. We must teach our children compassion. A person struggling with homosexuality could be deeply hurting, not wanting to stand out or be inclined to a lifestyle that will bring him or her shame or embarrassment. But our response as Christians is not to “remove the stigma,” it’s to bring hope of forgiveness and yes, the very real option of change through the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

And like the link I just place in the sentence above, I have not found, hands down, a better resource for encouragement and hope than the testimony of Rosaria Butterfield, and her conversion from a lesbian, feminist activist, to a converted believer in Jesus. I have watched so many of her videos. You want a powerful understanding of the nature of the homosexual community and how to reach the lost? Look her videos up. Namely, this one, a trailer for her new book about hospitality–what God used, through a wise, loving pastor, to change her life.

We can’t sit this one out. And it’s not about us. It’s about our responsibility to bring hope and life to a dying and lost world. I pray you’ll look into the resources above–no matter what your thoughts at this point. And let’s teach our children to truly love their neighbor. Enough even, to speak the truth.

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  1. Have you heard of Jackie Hill Perry? She also used to live a homosexual lifestyle, but now lives for the Lord. She has a book called Gay Girl, Good God. I haven’t read it yet but it’s on my wish list. Just thought I’d mention it in case you hadn’t heard of her.

    1. I have read it and it’s excellent. Jackie has a gift for words, both in writing and in speech. She is a spoken word artist and is absolutely captivating. She’s a brilliant and wise person, definitely worth checking out.

  2. I have missed your blog posts, but understand how full your life is with family, school and business.

    Thank you for being a voice for reason and more importantly, truth. I have begun to pray less about our world’s values and morals shifting for the better. Instead I desire to pray more fervently for my children’s protection and purity in this sexualized world. These are challenging times we face as believers, called to love the lost, yet often our love is seen as hate because we do not agree with their choices. As Christians I do believe we’ve become complacent and apathetic about our responsibility to speak the truth, while showing a spirit of humility and compassion. It’s the throw-your-hands-up and resign mentality or the extremes of ‘Christian’ cults that hold up hateful signs, full of anger.

    I admit I often feel intimidated by the LGBTQ community as they are becoming more aggressive in their fight for rights and more hateful towards those who are not supportive. I don’t even know where to begin to stand for truth, other than teach my own children how to be prepared and on guard. Engaging in conversation seems to create more heat, though by nature I am not easily intimidated. Could it be that we are not here to change the culture (as so many Christian hope for), but to pray and raise our children to be prepared to give an answer for the hope that lies within.

    1. Thank you, D! Yes, it can be VERY intimidating, especially because their weapon of choice is intimidation. No one likes to be in the “out crowd” and they have done a good job soliciting on that front. But true love stays the course. And I believe God’s purposes are being fulfilled over a long course of history, possibly not seen in our day, but absolutely, we must teach our children to give an answer for things that a little while ago, weren’t even thought about.

  3. We are all born with a condition called SIN that’s what has been passed down through the carnal generations from Adam. Resist the temptation to reason for the carnal mind has enmity with God and simply follow the commandments of Jesus Christ as laid down in the 4 gospels

  4. You’re a raging homophobe and a bigot. Jesus would have never said these things. I’m ashamed for you.

    1. First of all, if you’re going to comment on different posts, why do you use fake names and fake emails, pretending to be different people, when you have the same IP address? You’ve done this for years, by the way, same person from the Northwest, and it kind of takes the credibility out of your insults. I’m not sure if you are, yourself, a lesbian, and that’s what spurs your hatred for me, or just an unbeliever who is without peace, but slinging insults has no effect on me. As I’ve said for years, I’d love to have a civil conversation. I don’t hate anyone. Not homosexuals, not people who call me homophobe and bigot, no one. Jesus said much harder things, I’m afraid. And why does that matter to you since you just used hate speech toward me, which was also prohibited by Jesus? I will have to stand before the judgement seat of Christ, beside you. And we both will have to answer for how we lived here and what we said to others. It would be unloving to say anything besides what the Bible teaches about the forgiveness of Christ and the results of rejecting Him. I will never stop saying that. I pray one day you will know that forgiveness, experience peace and joy in your life, and become a sister in Christ. I pray you do not have to face God without it.

  5. I think Amazon must not be passing along seller emails? Apologies for pestering you here. I can’t find your vitamin C serum or face lotion anymore, just the cleanser. I’d like to buy some more. Thanks!

    1. Alexis–I’m so sorry! I have actually decided to stop selling the skin products because of lack of profit, quite honestly (just wasn’t making enough to be worth the time). I did think about keeping the sets–that would be worth it, but I had quite a few negative reviews that kept them from selling like they should. Trolls, I think. So that’s why!

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