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“Christians are to be people of the Book and people who love good books.  The family gathered together over dessert listening to Dad read is a lovely tradition.  (And if Dad doesn’t want to read, there is no reason why Mom can’t read to the kids at appropriate times.)  Reading at bedtime, reading at dinnertime, reading on the porch on a summer evening–reading ought to be part of a family’s heritage.  Experiencing books together ties us together, and we begin to love certain books as a family and remember them like we remember a special vacation.” ~Nancy Wilson, Praise Her in the Gates

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  1. We were members of the Wilson’s church for seven years before we moved away…it was a thrill to be among Christians who genuinely loved excellent books!

  2. Thank you for quoting Nancy Wilson. I really wanted to go to her sessions at the homeschooling conference, but couldn’t for lack of time. I plan on getting some of her books sometime. Great quote… that is my favorite times of day… reading to my children.

  3. We’re actually going back to the family literature approach to home schooling this next year, after four years in a large co-op. I am really looking forward to spending a whole lot more time reading to my own kids. I’ve written about that here:

    Sarah Clarkson, who was home schooled all the way in a literature loving home, has also written an excellent book encouraging family reading. It is called Read for the Heart: Whole Books for Wholehearted Families. I reviewed it here:

    Virginia Knowles

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