The Fight’s Not Over: Women of the Faith Called to Action

I missed Kay Arthur’s message at the True Woman Conference.  (That savvy little thing in black boots cannot possibly be 76 years old!) It sounds like I probably missed the most inspiring message (though they all were).  Here is a snapshot from the True Woman Blog of her call to women:

“Kay began the evening by painting a picture of the grave danger our society is in, and telling us that if we’re going to act, it needs to be now, and it would have been better if we’d started yesterday.  She doesn’t point the finger at the world, but at the church. We are to blame for not knowing and proclaiming the Truth of the Word of God.

‘It’s not over, because I’m here. And you’re here. It begins with us—with women who know God. We have to be absolutely convinced that God says what He means and means what He says . . . To know God is to know His Word.’

Kay concluded with seven steps we each need to take, all from the book of Nehemiah:

1. Look at what’s broken, and what needs to be repaired.
2. Go to God and ask if you need to help with that particular repair. The first thing you need to do is sit down. Stop running around being busy. Sit down and weep over the situation. Let your heart be broken over the things that break His heart. Confess your sin. Fast and pray.
3. Ask God how you’re going to do it. Ask for success. Do it even if you’re afraid. Enlist others who see the need. You cannot do it alone.
4. Don’t be distracted or derailed by opposition without or opportunists within. The enemy doesn’t want you to rebuild. Don’t get derailed or discouraged.
5. Fear God and not man. Don’t be afraid. Fight for your brothers, sisters, husbands, houses, and communities.
6. Stay in constant communication with God.
7. Don’t let down your guard. Hold to God’s standard and deal with evil.

‘I believe if you’re not hearing something,” Kay said, “it’s because you’re not listening.’ ”

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  1. Diane says:

    I love Kay Arthur. I credit my completion of her Precepts study on marriage with the fact that I am separated now and now divorced. I am now doing one of studies on Job and it is truly revelatory (and I don’t use that word lightly!)

    I think I will copy out this list of “seven steps” and post it in our schoolroom. Thanks so much for sharing it with us Kelly.

  2. Diane says:

    yipes….. I meant “separated now and NOT divorced” (meaning that I am valuing and hanging onto even the shreds of my marriage rather than disregarding my vows and throwing my marriage away.)

    Note to self: Proofreading… look into it. yeah.

  3. Word Warrior says:


    I am assuming you meant “not” divorced…which I just say to you, “Praise God for your faithful example”. We are witnessing an unbiblical divorce in our family and it daily breaks my heart and I am seeing an example of the flippant attitude so many hold about the seriousness of the marriage covenant.

    I know another lady whose husband left her (alcoholic) with several children to raise. She did not divorce him, though they’ve been separated for years. It gets better…he lives nearby, helps her with things when he’s sober, and she minsters and serves him when he’s sick, etc. Her continued faithfulness to forgive and serve her husband, though he doesn’t deserve it, is a crystal clear picture of the faithfulness of Christ to us.

    I applaud your faithful picture as well.

  4. Word Warrior says:

    We cross-posted 😉

  5. MML says:

    “—Arm, arm, and out!—
    If this which he avouches does appear,
    There is nor flying hence nor tarrying here.
    I ‘gin to be aweary of the sun,
    And wish th’ estate o’ th’ world were now undone.—
    Ring the alarum-bell!
    —Blow, wind! Come, wrack!
    At least we’ll die with harness on our back.”
    Shakespeare: Macbeth

    Such encouragement. You always post just what needs meet.

    Are we followers or are we fans? As I trace my ways through the dusty footsteps; tinged with blood, and sweat, and sin, I contemplate the road of discipleship. I purge the leaven from my heart. Stand with feet shod and staff in hand. Oh, for the blood of one unblemished Lamb! Do I drink the cup? Do I partake of the flesh? Do I carry the shame and reproach of the world? Take, eat. Take, drink. Do this in remembrance of me. Let us be certain that when done, Christ is there with us, and let us give thanks for the strength he imparts.

    “And Christ’s life indeed makes it manifest, terrifyingly manifest, what dreadful untruth it is to admire the truth instead of following it.” Kierkegaard

  6. Danielle says:

    Hi Kelly-
    It was great to meet you in person at the conference. I was overwhelmed at the energy that Kay exhibited during her teaching. WOW! It encouraged me to throw all I have into the nurturing and admonition of our children in the Lord. While not new to this stand, at times it has been lonely. God has proven faithful.
    I am desiring to stand on God’s Word to proclaim His perfect design for man and woman. This is a battle we daughters of the King can win through His grace and strength. Thank you for the front line stand you take with your blog.
    May you be encouraged in the Lord this day.
    Because of His great grace! Danielle

  7. Word Warrior says:


    It was equally my pleasure to meet you, and I am pleased to stand in the front line with you and the many others who have committed to this battle!

  8. Kim M says:

    ‘I believe if you’re not hearing something,” Kay said, “it’s because you’re not listening.’ ”

    oooh… that is me. Ouch!

    Thank you!

  9. Kelly L says:

    ‘I believe if you’re not hearing something,” Kay said, “it’s because you’re not listening.’ ”

    Love this quote! God speaks to all of us, unbelievers and believers alike. To some it is a still small voice, to others it is so loud they cannot ignore it. To some it feels like a leading, to others it is a discomfort in their stomach.
    My husband once heard a preacher brag about how he had never heard God’s voice in all his years as a Christian in an effort to prove his point that the Bible is the only way to hear from God and that others were crazy. It is a sad state for all of us to miss God’s’Jesus’s’Holy Spirit’s voice one day, much less a life time! I would rather die than live without a constant fellowship with the Awesome, Mighty God! He is too good to ignore!

  10. Jennifer says:

    76?? She’s gorgeous!

  11. Not only is this blog addictive but also very attention-grapping

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