Generation Cedar

Caution: Blood-Boiling, Feminist TRUTH Ahead

(I know it’s a bit long…read it anyway.) Oh boy…after repeated accusations that I get my anti-feminist ideas from “pre-50’s” literature and Google searches for “feminism is bad”, I decided to do an open-minded search for these new claims of modern feminism.  The claims that “old feminism was hostile to men and family, but NEW […]

New Job for Laid-off Moms: Stay at Home Motherhood

Jess in Peru sent me this interesting article peppered with sadness as well as pleasant reflections. And as always, blessings often come in disguise: “Lucas and other laid-off women like her are involuntarily experiencing the life of a stay-at-home mom, and they are getting to know a lot more about the details of their children’s […]

French Fries are Bad…There, I Said It

“Don’t be afraid to say, “This is my starting point…this truth is a good thing.”   Why do I talk about women’s roles? Education? Submission? Children? It has nothing to do with wanting to interfere in others’ lives. It has everything to do with wanting to help make your lives better. I blog for one […]

Feminism: Throwing Logic Out the Window

Hope you don’t mind a slight deviation from our topic…thought some of you could use a rest 😉 I’ll continue our series, don’t worry.Disclaimer: The following post is a reaction to something I read today. It is a reaction to a whole trend of feminism, not just one incident. It may offend. No personal injury […]