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10 Ways Economic Hardship Can Benefit a Family

Prosperity equals advantage. Do you believe that? I am fascinated with the irony of this mentality most Americans hold dear.  Maybe even more so since I hear often, as a mother of nine, about “affording all those children.” All of us believe, somewhere deep within, that to prosper financially puts us at an advantage. And […]

God is in the Business of Upcycling

Aren’t we just like them? Those Jesus taught. In need of stories, object lessons real-life explanations we can see and touch? And if we look and listen with ready eyes and ears, we can still see the illustrations and hear the stories… “Beauty for ashes” has been a resounding theme in our lives for a while now. […]

Homeschooling: Teaching English Simply

“Do not underestimate the importance of all the conversations (slow and clear conversations) that a mother has throughout the day with her child.  If Mother speaks clearly and decisively, she is giving the child valuable language lessons.  All the reading aloud she enjoys doing every day–as her children listen attentively–is doing verbal wonders, naturally, to […]

What We Teach Our Children (or not) Through Family Economy

Face it: we live in a society where an entitlement mentality is growing all the time. More and more, money seems to be falling from the sky to a generation who really doesn’t know there is no such thing as free. Someone I know recently made this comment: “I love free insurance…no medical bills, yay!” She […]

On Building a House and Scrap Wood

Things are coming along nicely with our house! (If you’re new, read about our storm.) Through God’s providence, my husband has been working for my Dad in construction for the last 4 years or so. So this project–his first house–has been challenging, but not too much for him to do. It has been a wonderful […]

Sandpaper/Crayon Easy Craft for Kids

Always looking for creative craft ideas, this one was a hit with my children. It was easy enough for my nine-year-old to orchestrate (with a little oversight while ironing) and all the kids got to participate. Here’s how we did it: Buy sandpaper (medium grain is what we used) and cut it into pieces for […]

Helping Your Family Through Financial Hardship

One of the many ways a wife can help her husband or be a burden to him is the way she handles the family finances.  I consider it a privilege and a challenging task to make the most of my husband’s income and it is my constant prayer that “the heart of my husband safely […]

10 Simple Money Saving Ideas

Simplify your life. Follow this list. Consider ways to earn from home. Sell washer necklaces Make all your gifts. Cut costs in the kitchen. Turn your hot water heater off. Save money with your mind. Learn to upcycle. Hang your laundry on a clothesline.

Simplicity: How to Balance it With Stewardship

How can I be a good steward of God gives me and still live with simplicity? We all know that more stuff is more complicated. But what of our good stewardship over what we are given? What about being frugal and saving things for a later use? Ginger mentioned in the last post how many […]

Simplify: Less Really is More (And Money-Saving Secrets)

There is so much irony in prosperity. Prosperity is often the enemy of simplicity. Prosperity easily breeds apathy. And as it relates to our stuff, it creates in us a disposable attitude. If you live in America, you make up the top 6% of the wealthiest in the world. The majority of the world’s inhabitants […]