Generation Cedar

Simplify Your Life: It’s Time to Get Intentional

Simplicity. Ahhhh….we all want it, or say we do. So much that the word itself has become overused, trite and meaningless. Do you know what it really means? Do you know how significantly in can change your life? Even before the storm, I had a strong urge to simplify.  Meaning, at the time, “get rid […]

Debt, Saving Money and Large Families Don’t Have to Be on Food Stamps

“They’re on food stamps.  There is NO way to raise that many children without government assistance.” This was the statement someone made to other people, about our family–someone we actually know, though not very well. The fact is that it hurts to be misunderstood, and it hurts to hear false assumptions actually being verbalized to […]

Overview of Family Enterprise

An excellent overview of the family economy and the way the Industrial Revolution changed families: “In early American history (and indeed much of world history), most business enterprises were family businesses with fathers working together with wives and children, where the fathers and mothers not only passed along skills, but also shepherded their children while […]

Raising Entrepreneurs, Raising Leaders

We have been carefully defining “education” and implementing a “life-learning” educational paradigm for a while now.  This year, we’re kicking it up a notch. Besides our basic 3 R’s, fundamental to any life pursuit, we are studying entrepreneurship as our focal subject.  Using a combination of inspiration (reading stories of other young entrepreneurs, casting a vision for […]

Tales of By-Gone Days: Legacy of The Great Depression

I don’t know why I love so much the stories of the past, told with a nostalgia that probably makes the telling far more lovely than the actual event being retold.  But I think there is so much to learn from the grit and fortitude of our great-grandparent’s era, and that we do a terrible […]