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Christians: A Form of Godliness Denying Its Power?

(First sentence edited…my apologies if it sounded unloving.  I had just come from the discussion that spurred this post, and was feeling a little “charged” 😉 I wonder why so many Christians never stop and say, “What are we doing wrong?” I’m amazed at how quickly some get upset about any suggestions outside the “norm”, […]

What Does the School Bus Have to Do With the Future of American Healthcare?

“One of the mantras we hear repeatedly these days is, “we don’t want socialism.”  While that sounds good (and conservative, and constitutional, and patriotic, etc.), it rings hollow when you consider the overwhelming majority of the people leading the charge have their children in what amounts to socialized education.  What’s the difference?  If you’re really […]

Public School: The Insanity of the Right

(Thanks to Heather for passing along this article.) “Insanity  is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein “Next month the right will send millions of their own children to public schools that are literally controlled by the left – meaning that it is only the liberals’ “values,” “morals” […]

Top 5 Reasons Not to Send Your Kids Back to Gov’t School: Baucham

Because I love God’s people…because I’m heart-broken over the constant news of God’s people losing their children, or raising spiritually impotent ones…because I believe there is clarity from Scripture about the responsibility of Christian parents….and because I would betray my conscience to refrain from speaking. Voddie Baucham posted a poignant look at public school and […]

My New Hero…Gresham Machen-"Don’t give Your Children to the Bureaucrats"

I have discovered a new hero of sorts…Gresham Machen, (1881-1937) theologian and Christian warrior.He saw it coming, long before it came. “Machen is one of many prominent American defenders of political liberty and economic freedom who have been largely forgotten by a people intent on abandoning its heritage of freedom.” “Long before the federal Department […]

They’ve Banned Tag–Yes, the Game–Because Kids Were Chasing Each Other

Love Glenn Beck…can’t help it. Yeah, I know he’s Mormon. He’s also smart, he’s got a backbone and a brain. A rarity among media-types these days. I’ve copied and pasted a few of my favorite pieces from him for posts here and there. I’m so glad he’s still allowed on prime time television. This radio […]

Gatto: State Controlled Consciousness (Public School)

I think I’ve posted this video before, but it’s worth posting again. If you are hesitant to believe that the original model of public school began with a dangerous agenda, J.T. Gatto details the proof and origin of that agenda. Interestingly, though his book and this interview took place years ago, we can see all […]

The New Dumbness–Gatto and Public School

“Ordinary people send their children to school to get smart, but what modern schooling teaches is dumbness.”   I realize it’s quite possible you get tired of my posting about public school. But if you asked me to narrow down our social problems to ONE thing, I would probably owe the bulk, or at least […]

Reason 824 to Get Your Kids Out of Public School

“The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that people have the right to sue schools over sexual discrimination…. And I think what it ultimately will mean is –that schools will pass as a reaction to this [will require] homosexual sensitivity training programs. [T]hey’ll call them ‘no bullying’ laws or ‘sensitivity’ or ‘tolerance’ laws, but actually what it […]

Screwtape Has a Clue!

“Children who are fit to proceed to a higher class may be artificially kept back because the others would get a trauma–Beelzebub, what a useful word!–by being left behind.” (I realize this is long, but it was too good to skip.) I’m reading bits and pieces of one of my very favorite books to the […]