Generation Cedar

Down Under Goes Out Yonder

We just said goodbye to our new friends from Australia who spent the week with us, one of about 25 families they are staying with over the spring.  You may read more about it on their blog, but in a nutshell, they are a young couple wildly zealous for the Lord and knowing no one […]

Helping Siblings Get Along

There are days when I feel on top of the world as a mother.  The birds are singing, the sun is shining, I know what we’re having for supper and my children have laughed most of the day. Then there are those other days…(Mama said there’d be days like this.) Days when I collapse into […]

Mothering With a Solomon Sincerity

How is it that a Word so old can continue to spring fresh every time it is read?  You know the story…God asked Solomon what he wanted and Solomon said “wisdom” so God gave it to him, and then some,  since he didn’t ask selfishly. But there is so much more there!  And it met […]

Guarding the Quiet Spaces

(Image from Just a Family) As a keeper of home–a guard (according to the Greek connotation in Titus), I need to be reminded of my guarding responsibilities.  There is much to guard in my home, and much to guard against. Perhaps every generation has its own unique challenges, its own unique enemies of home. And […]

Great Children’s Books for the Christian Home

I had forgotten what a treasure the Lamplighter series of children’s books are.  I picked up Hedge of Thorns this morning and read a chapter to the children and was again delighted with the quality of the literature as well as the tremendous inspiration it offered. “I remember kissing her [baby sister] soft hands; and […]

What Does a Stay-at-Home Mom Do All Day?

Quite honestly, I don’t like the term “stay-at-home mom”.  It testifies to the fact that there are moms who don’t stay at home and I wish it didn’t have to be so. But there’s an enormous gulf now between “has to work” and “wants to work.”  The gulf was a complicated build, and now we […]

Training Children To Sit in Church

I’ve probably posted on this topic before, but I received another email asking for tips on teaching children to sit in church, and I assume that email represents many others who haven’t asked. As I’ve said, we go to a family-integrated church where it is the norm for families to sit together, so it helps […]

Marriage: Preparing Sons

A reader mentioned that she hears a lot about preparing daughters for marriage, but not much about sons.  While we haven’t yet walked through marriage  We’ve walked through marriage one, and we desire, even now, to prepare both our sons and daughters for the monumental event of marriage. I think it is worth noting, though […]

Husband and Wife–One Flesh

(Disclaimer:  Though I mentioned bank accounts in this post, I didn’t really intend for the focus to be there; I’m not trying to make a firm statement about whether or not couples should have separate bank accounts.  It was really just an example (that I think could have many exceptions) to illustrate a tangible element […]

It’s Not Really About Kissing

I sparked this dating discussion with thoughts about waiting until marriage to kiss; the heart of the matter, though, has little to do with kissing, but rather taking a whole new look at the error of the cultural dating system, why it’s flawed and understanding the alternative. Several commenters already hit on this important point–THE […]