Generation Cedar

Do Your Children Work Too Hard?

I heard it again…quite a typical comment about grown children of large families: “She was the oldest of six and felt like her mother required too much of her….so she doesn’t want many children.” Size of family debate aside…the issue here is not the number of siblings or the work load, but rather a fundamental […]

The Best Thing…

What if the best thing I can do for my children, is not another lecture… another frown… another privilege removed… another forced apology… What if the best thing I can do for my children is to call them away with a love-sick heart that wants nothing more than to “see that my children walk in […]

7 Simple Things I’m Doing to Make This Year Better

In no particular order, instead of making new year’s resolutions, I’ve been working on a list of  simple things I’m doing to make this year better. I am a simple girl, I love simple changes and I don’t want to feel overwhelmed by resolutions I know I can’t won’t keep. Health There’s nothing like aging that […]

The Secret to Mothering With More Patience

My biggest discouragement as a mother is my own lack of self-control and the constant reminder of my own sinfulness. What do I desire? To parent with all gentleness and grace, facing each challenge with a gospel-lesson. Reality? Not always that. But if we ask, then listen, the Lord speaks. And He says to me, as He […]

Why You Should Be Excited if Your Child Has ADD

Is your child bent toward being an entrepreneur?  If so, encourage it! We were so inspired by this video–you’re going to love it!  Hat tip to Kathy for finding it.  (Please note that it has some mild slang language–use discretion with children.) “I think we have an obligation as parents to start teaching our kids […]

As the Family Goes, So Goes Civilization

Teach it to your children… Family and marriage are institutions designed by God–they are not man-made.  Perhaps then, we shouldn’t be surprised that the family is becoming an enemy. Who would have ever believed there would come a time when society would be hostile to what has always been considered the basic unit of its […]

Star-Gazing is the Closest We’ll Get to Starbucks

The nearest Starbucks coffee is some 40 miles away, but tomorrow we’ll have butter ’cause we’ve got raw milk today! It’s not all glam and glitz to dabble on this funny farm, but we marvel underneath the stars and cherish country charm. They think I’m “Fertile Myrtle” but they should only see, these goats don’t […]

The Importance of Family Reading

“Christians are to be people of the Book and people who love good books.  The family gathered together over dessert listening to Dad read is a lovely tradition.  (And if Dad doesn’t want to read, there is no reason why Mom can’t read to the kids at appropriate times.)  Reading at bedtime, reading at dinnertime, […]

Words and Choosing to Love

Issues of the parent-heart about which the Lord is dealing heavily with me… Living in a house, all day, with lots of children creates almost constant training opportunities.  And none are so available as those that involve the use of words.  And yet, it isn’t words really.  “Out of the abundance of the heart the […]

A New Kind of Church

“Do you see that the church is completely dependent on what is taught in the homes of its people? Likewise the civil society is also dependent on it. What has happened over the last 50 years is that self-discipline is no longer being taught in the home, either because parents are not present or because […]