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Worldview of Children: Our View Does Change the World

Fertility is a tricky thing…most consider it a private issue with little consequence except how it will affect their family vacations. Unless you encounter a family with more than three children, and then you’re allowed to prod into their sex lives; but I digress. However, it is my particular opinion that NOTHING changed our culture and the […]

Do Large Families Burden Older Children?

(I wrote this about a year and half ago and though long, some needed food for thought, I think. Enjoy!) The following comment on the post, “Divine Appointment:  Babies are a Part of the Gospel Picture” is a common concern and one I thought deserved its own post to accurately handle the different aspects of the […]

Of Lots of Children on Valentine’s Day–Not What I Expected

At the close of a sweet day, I just sit quietly, glance around the room at my different children, as my husband and I chat about tomorrow’s plans. I saw a family picture earlier today. The kids were all so much younger, but it seemed so short a time since the picture was taken. That […]

Children: Heritage or Possession?

“We are childless by choice”, an old acquaintance–a believer–told me. “We just love our lives.  We travel a lot and enjoy going out and we’ve never really wanted children”. I replayed the conversation.  I’m not supposed to even think anything of it. Children are now in the category of “option without stigma”. That is, it is […]

Population Decline: The Fall of Nations

I’m no scholar; but the common sense within me keeps asking,”Where has the common sense of the masses gone?”  It’s not rocket science. “Oh, let’s give no heed to tomorrow, let’s live for today and enjoy our lives. Birth control rocks.” “Oops…seems we’ve made a bad decision…a population decline that likely cannot be reversed. That means […]

Are You an Older, Godly Woman, or Just Old?

Shouldn’t I be bothered by it?  Shouldn’t we all?  I know I talk about it a lot.  I know there are other matters in the spiritual realm besides our ideas about children. But somehow, this one is blaring to me, and big, and wrong. It is my plea that if you are an older woman […]

Divine Appointment: Babies are a Part of the Gospel Picture

I had such a sweet opportunity to share with a woman about children and their role in demonstrating the gospel to the world.  I realize more and more the simple lack of connection that so many people have, and so I’m more eager these days to just drop a seed and let God water it. […]

Mama, Do You Like Your Children?

I stood talking with a woman at the checkout and her 5-year-old was climbing first up her leg, then squealing, then dropping to the floor, still holding her mother’s arms, jerking her downward, demanding to be picked up, running round and round while the mother’s face grew more tense, trying to focus on our conversation–both […]

More on Birth Control and The Sovereignty of God over Life

On the coat tails of yesterday’s post, I thought some may be interested in perusing a few other posts that further delves into the topic of the sovereignty of God over life.  Enjoy and feel free to come back and discuss! How Birth Control & Catheters are Related The Church That Turns Visitors Away Going […]

We Don’t Love Children, We Love Drywall

My brother and his wife just announced that they were expecting their third baby.  (Welcome to the world of “the large family”, bro!) Someone asked about our parents’ reaction to the news. “Oh, they’re very excited!” To which the (Christian) someone responded, “They have 50 grandchildren and they’re still excited?!” (That was sarcasm, by the […]