Generation Cedar

I Was a Brain-Washed School Teacher (Raising Entrepreneurs)

This might possibly be one of the most encouraging things you’ve ever watched, especially if you have a child who struggles with school, or doesn’t “fit the mold”, or hates math. 😉 Understanding the fact that different kids have different bents has escaped mainstream thought. I think one of the most harmful things the conventional […]

The Simplicity of a Living Education: Table-Talk

I’m a big fan of a “lifestyle of learning” where I think most learning can and should take place in the ebb and flow of life.  That doesn’t necessarily exclude a formal pattern of study; but it means for us, that learning can be going on all the time with a minimal amount of effort. […]

Homeschooling: Teaching English Simply

“Do not underestimate the importance of all the conversations (slow and clear conversations) that a mother has throughout the day with her child.  If Mother speaks clearly and decisively, she is giving the child valuable language lessons.  All the reading aloud she enjoys doing every day–as her children listen attentively–is doing verbal wonders, naturally, to […]

Homeschooling on Accident? Don’t Fret the Interrupted Day

I had had one of those mornings…. slow getting awake because the baby had woke several times during the night… too many morning phone calls (I miss my caller ID!)… spills and boo-boos galore…. a day where my “neat and tidy” routine gets ambushed a thousand ways. Once upon a time this kind of day […]

“God’s Curriculum”…If You Don’t Teach Them Anything Else!

When I heard Kevin Swanson say, “God has given us a curriculum…it’s Proverbs”, my spirit resonated with that seemingly simplistic statement. That doesn’t mean we need to toss our math and grammar books, it means if we are teaching math and grammar without a thorough teaching of the Proverbs, we are not giving them the tools […]

Busy Moms “Get Real” Series, Part 5: “I Can’t Get it All Done!”

“Remember the principle of gardening: a lot of sweat and tears are required before the reward of harvest. It’s the same with mothering.” A reader sent me an email that is not unlike many that I receive, so I decided to include an excerpt and answer it here in a post. I know we all […]

Education: Are We Slaves to “the Test”?

“Instead of duplicating the only method we knew regarding how to “do school”, we backed up and began to ask ourselves the simple question: “What is education”? In order to begin building, we must know what we’re building in the first place. A storage shed and a cathedral are going to have very different-looking blueprints. […]