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Why You Should Be Excited if Your Child Has ADD

Is your child bent toward being an entrepreneur?  If so, encourage it! We were so inspired by this video–you’re going to love it!  Hat tip to Kathy for finding it.  (Please note that it has some mild slang language–use discretion with children.) “I think we have an obligation as parents to start teaching our kids […]

As the Family Goes, So Goes Civilization

Teach it to your children… Family and marriage are institutions designed by God–they are not man-made.  Perhaps then, we shouldn’t be surprised that the family is becoming an enemy. Who would have ever believed there would come a time when society would be hostile to what has always been considered the basic unit of its […]

Homemade Gifts Save Money: Washer Necklace

Alexa wanted to set up her own booth in an upcoming local Bluegrass Festival.  So we set out to find just the thing that would be cute, easy and fun.  These washer necklaces proved perfect.  We’re addicted! I’ve decided we’ll keep these on hand for gifts too–think hostess gifts, birthday gifts, just-because gifts… Remember, homemade […]

Keeping the Home Fires Burning: Mere Survival Was Good For Society

So we got a wood-burning stove.  Our power bill has always been through the roof so a while back I suggested we get a stove, though my first suggestion had more to do with the economy collapsing and leaving us with no power…but mostly I’m optimistic. I’ve had an epiphany through our short life with […]

Organize Your Life After the Holidays!

It’s no coincidence that the approach of a new year finds us making resolutions, new goals and priorities. There is just something so motivating about coming out of December–with all the stress behind you…but the mess still with you. You’re still suffering from a sugar high and you know this is the time to move […]

Thrifty, Fun, Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

One of my readers, Mrs. Taft, had some lovely pictures of the craft project they had been doing–homemade gift bows made from magazines. And while I realize from a strictly money-saving standpoint, most people would not wager that the work is worth the savings,   if you combine the recyle factor with the thrifty factor […]

My Tips for a More Peaceful/Frugal Christmas Season

If you celebrate Christmas at all, you know it can be stressful, even though we all agree Christmas shouldn’t be a time of stress, but rather of joy and celebration! I deal with it every year.  Torn between traditions and finding a balance and keeping my sanity.  So I wanted to throw out some random […]

Saving Money During the Holidays

So it’s that time to think about Christmas gifts (isn’t this a dilemma–tradition balanced with budget balanced with true meaning of Christmas? ) And for some reason, our budget always feels a little tighter around this time.  And this year, the economy poses a heightened need for frugality.  But, my personality seems bound with the […]

How to Help Your Children Become Entrepreneurs and a Give Away!

Since we’re on the subject of entrepreneurship, I wanted to answer a common question: “How do I practically encourage my children to be entrepreneur-minded?” Several ways. They are more likely to be interested in home business if their parents are. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you must run a full-operating home business for your children […]

A Penny Saved is MORE than a Penny Earned: Can a Mother Afford to Come Home?

A penny saved is MORE than a penny earned:  Can a mother afford to come home? (From the archives…I thought this may be a timely post about saving money!) Most families believe that the wife and mother simply MUST work to make ends meet.  Sometimes they don’t even consider any other possibility.  In many cases, […]