Generation Cedar

What Makes Jesus Indignant? Let the Little Children Come.

“And they brought young children to him, that he should touch them: and his disciples rebuked those that brought them.  But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.  Verily I […]

A New Kind of Church

“Do you see that the church is completely dependent on what is taught in the homes of its people? Likewise the civil society is also dependent on it. What has happened over the last 50 years is that self-discipline is no longer being taught in the home, either because parents are not present or because […]

Training Children To Sit in Church

I’ve probably posted on this topic before, but I received another email asking for tips on teaching children to sit in church, and I assume that email represents many others who haven’t asked. As I’ve said, we go to a family-integrated church where it is the norm for families to sit together, so it helps […]

The Church That Turns Visitors Away

Ask most people how they measure the success of their church and “growth” is almost always the first answer.  We generally acknowledge that a church “bursting at the seams” is doing well, while a church whose members are dwindling is looked upon as a sad, unfortunate plight. And while there is a whole different discussion […]

Parent’s Duty to Disciple and Why Our View of Children Should Be Elevated

Readers often challenge me with questions/comments that I need to ponder seriously.  They are questions that matter, I am thankful for them and they need to be answered. “Kelly, you seem to elevate this topic over the others…” “Kelly, why do you interfere in personal matters?” “Kelly, why don’t you just live and not talk […]

Discipleship According to Jesus

I think it was providential that I came across this short clip of David Platt, a young pastor we have recently discovered with a contagious passion for Christ. This clip is a great follow-up to the last post. Platt is the real McCoy–he has a profound grasp of truth. This clip is only 9 minutes long–I […]

Sabbath Day Reflections

Lord, my spirit is willing, but indeed, my flesh is weak.  Look on me and remember I am but dust, yet Image-formed and God-breathed.  Today is the day of  “worship”.  We all worship because You have created us for that end.  It is the object worshiped that differs from man to man. And on this […]

Do You Have the Hearts of Your Children?

The very reason I began this blog was my concern over what is happening in the family–namely, the Christian family.  To say the institution of the family is under attack is an understatement.  Some Christians have even joined in that attack, either actively or passively.  Consequently, we are seeing greater intrusion upon the family than […]

Who is Defining Your “Important”?

This doesn’t specifically apply to courtship, as we’ve been discussing, but really it is at the heart of everything–including preparing our children for marriage. A friend of mine relayed the message in a sermon she recently heard that encouraged me. The pastor challenged the parents of his huge congregation to consider what they were investing […]

Take My Life

Copied from the archives How do we reach the lost? Is evangelism more of the way we live instead of which programs we’re implementing in the church? If so, “How should we then live”? That is a prevailing question these days. And there are folks all over the spectrum with their answers. “We must be […]