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The Case For Siblings (When Mom Has Another Baby)

Loved this article…every word resonated. “But everyone else seems to think that a new baby is bad for the other kids. Dozens of times, I’ve had strangers peer around my enormous belly to coo at the toddler, “Aww … now you won’t get to be the baby anymore.” Thanks, lady. Thanks for informing my child […]

Children With Disabilities-Part 2: The Christian’s Response

Can we fully believe that children with special needs are used by God, perhaps in the profoundest of ways, to show us our deep needs and to present us with opportunities to serve “the least of these” and therefore Christ Himself?  In a culture assuring us of our right to demand comfort and ease, we […]

More Thoughts on Special Needs Children and the God Who Creates Them

This thought-provoking comment comes from The Cottage Child, copied from the comment thread in part 1 of “Children With Disabilities.”  She made two extremely valid points of which we need to be reminded.  Thank you, Rachael. “Another difficulty with this line of thinking, everything riding on physical perfection, is also why it’s become so incredibly […]

Reasons I Don’t Want to Have a Million Children

Interview between Holly Elliff and Nancy Leigh Demoss Holly: “And I remember vividly the day he (husband) came out of his study and said, ‘God has just given me the neatest mental picture of someday sitting on my front porch and looking out and seeing scores of children out there. And we have every temperament […]

The Religion of Self: Choosing Childlessness

Interestingly, with this topic heavy on my mind this week, one of my readers sent me a link to a horrific site, which I won’t link to–a site that promotes a “lifestyle of childlessness”. Of course what was blaring to me as I stared at the “top 100 reasons not to have kids” was how […]

As the Family Goes, So Goes Civilization

Teach it to your children… Family and marriage are institutions designed by God–they are not man-made.  Perhaps then, we shouldn’t be surprised that the family is becoming an enemy. Who would have ever believed there would come a time when society would be hostile to what has always been considered the basic unit of its […]

From the Mouth of a Child

My son and I shared some early morning hours together…us and Baby Ellia.  Watching her funny antics–one of our favorite things to do, he said: “I’m glad God made babies and didn’t just send us here big.” He asked me if she had let me sleep last night, and I explained her typical waking up […]

Contradeception: The Public Nature of Marital Privacies

Just when I thought I had covered every inch of the issue of birth control, Rebekah Curtis proved me wrong with this brilliant piece published in Touchstone Magazine. I contacted the author for permission to reprint and she graciously granted.  I hope it provokes your thoughts the way it did mine. Unbelievably good.  I read […]

America After 50 Years of the Pill

Geoff Botkin writes on the societal implications of 50 years on birth control…buckle up. “Fifty-nine modern nations are plagued by the high-tech benefits of birth-control pills. Each of them have waged a cultural war against babies. Each of them suffer below-replacement birthrates. Each of them face potential extinction. But concerns such as national suffering, dangerous […]