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Simple Cooking to Save You Money

by Kelly Crawford

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Ready to save money?
This book will get you started today!

Simple Cooking is a book with simple, practical instructions about how to start cooking from scratch with a focus on helping you save money. Healthier eating is a perk that comes with that! Learn some basic, easy-to-follow rules about cooking from scratch and choose from lots of recipes that I’ve included to help you get started! And as a bonus, there is a great list of extra money-saving tips at the end of the book!

Simple Cooking gives the beginner cook the confidence to take control of her grocery budget and her family’s health! It’s so much easier than you think!

Get the practical help you need to provide healthy, inexpensive meals for your family. It’s part of your job–being resourceful and providing more nutritious meals for your family–don’t disappoint them!

Included in the book:

A. Some basics:
1. How to make a roux
2 How to make your own refried beans
3. Cooking with broth
4. Homemade Bread (with Cinnamon Roll instructions)
5. How to make your own flour tortillas

B. Recipes
1. Tortilla recipes
2. Soups
3. Breakfasts
4. Pastas
5. Crockpot meals (link to endless list of Crockpot recipes)
6. Homemade Pizza
7. Potatoes
8. Recipe Using Homemade Bread

C. More Frugal Ideas
14 easy money-saving tips

Simple Cooking would make a great gift for a new wife or for a stay-at-home mom struggling to overcome her lack of training in the kitchen. And even though it’s written for beginners, experienced moms will find recipes, inspiration and helpful hints as well!

Hear what this customer had to say:

“This book made so much sense–I’m so glad I found it! I can already see how we are saving money in the kitchen! Thank you! -Rachel

Whether you are handy in the kitchen or just starting out, find fresh inspiration and ideas!


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