Saying Goodbye to Our Skin Product Business

It’s with a bit of sadness that I must announce “Nurtured by Nature“, our homemade skin product business, is closing, after six years of operation.

The business was really one of the seeds that prompted me to begin this blog so that makes it especially sentimental to me. The Lord has been so gracious as he used our financial despair to spark the idea of selling the products, and then lead me to this incredible, on-line community of women where much bigger things than soap have happened ­čśë

I am so thankful for the hundreds of faithful customers and for the opportunity the Internet gave me to run this cottage industry.

And…what a blessing my friend, Dana, and her girls have been to me. They have been the hands behind the whole operation for the last four years, diligently and faithfully making our products and shipping them out to you and a lot more behind the scenes to keep it running. A huge THANK YOU to their family for helping us keep NBN alive for these six years.

Love Your Soap

I’m not leaving you without a “replacement┬árecommendation”. (And I don’t get anything for this, except the satisfaction of recommending excellent products to you.)

Several years ago a lady contacted me about advertising her skin product business on my site. She said she had pondered starting the business and read my ebook, “Make & Sell Your Own Skin Products“, and decided to take the leap.

Browsing her products, I instantly knew she had a fabulous thing. (I don’t think my book had much to do with it; she just has a winning combination of business and marketing savvy, creativity and great recipes.) Not only have I used her yummy, delicious, all-natural products (OK so she sent me a box after the storm and I fell in love), but Natalie has become one of my dearest friends–truly a kindred spirit, for whom I also co-write at her site, Visionary Womanhood.

Apple Valley Natural Soap is the place from where you want to buy your natural skin products. You will be giddy to see the postman driving up and these treats are truly indulgent. Trust me. I know good skin stuff when I see it.

(And for some slight comic relief, having grown up in the eighties, the song by Boyz 2 Men won’t stop playing in my head…“It’s so hard, to say goodbye, to yesterday…”)

12 Responses to “Saying Goodbye to Our Skin Product Business”

  1. Natalie says:

    I’m sad just reading this Kelly. It’s like any era of our lives. Necessary at the time…and then it morphs into something unexpected, and God takes us to the next stepping stone. Thank you for recommending AVNS. And for those of you reading, Kelly’s daughter is now the talent behind our balms, salve, and hard lotion…and hopefully some more goodies too in the next 12 months. So excited to get some help…!!!

  2. Laura says:

    Can I ask why? Had it just run its course? Just wondering…no need to explain if you don’t want to!

    • Word Warrior says:

      Sure…Dana was ready to lay it down (and I don’t have time for it), and of all our products, it’s actually the least profitable for the most work. We decided our efforts would be best spent on other aspects of the blog.

  3. I’m glad we just stocked up on the olive oil soap! We’ll miss your great products, Kelly! I’ve already visited Apple Valley and I’m hoping to find similar soaps and lotions to replace the Nurtured by Nature products we love. Thanks for the referral! ­čÖé

  4. Julie Burkett says:

    WOW…how sad!!! All my female relatives that have received your products for gifts will be very sad also!!! God’s blessings to you and your family! SURE LOVE your blog and so thankful to call you my friend!

  5. Julie Burkett says:

    WOW…how sad!!! All my female relatives that have received your products for gifts will be very sad also!!! God’s blessings to you and your family! SURE LOVE your blog and so thankful to call you my friend!

  6. I was just wondering if any of your customers have found another lotion/moisturizer comparable to the Moon-Drenched Moisturizer. I’m looking for something paraben-free and UNSCENTED for someone with very dry skin and a sensitivity to smells. Some natural, unscented products actually smell quite strongly of coconut oil or other healthy essential oils. That’s great for most people, but I’m looking for something that’s truly unscented. Is there such a thing??

    • Word Warrior says:


      I know…that will likely be our most missed product, as I was already getting lots of requests to bring it back. I would recommend buying a paraben-free lotion and making a moisturizer—-ours was the lotion base with about 4 capsules of vitamin E per 8 oz.

  7. Blair says:

    It is hard to say goodbye to our “babies”. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who still hears a little Boyz II Men in my head from time to time.

  8. Ann says:

    Sorry to see the skin products have gone. I noticed it awhile back when I came to order more but had missed this post.
    Is it possible to get the goat milk body lotion recipe from you to make it myself? Is it in your book?

  9. […] Soap? Well, it’s gone. Our homemade skin product business that started this whole blog thing is no longer in operation. But the yummy all-natural, pure, olive oil soap we sold is now available at Smith Family Resources, […]

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