Generation Cedar

So we’re raising CEDARS….

You know, growing trees is one of those things that doesn’t fit so well within our culture. In the age of microwave your dinner in 3 minutes, zap a business proposal to China in 30 seconds, and “instant” just about everything, we are accustomed to getting results NOW.

Maybe that’s why so few are excited about doing the job that often takes so long to reap rewards…preparing soil, planting, watering, waiting for sun, staking, weeding–all those time-intensive jobs that will take years to come to fruition.

But if we can fast forward in our minds, and see not just the ONE cedar we planted, or two, or three, but watch how those few trees will spread their seeds, and germinate into a thousand…a mighty forest, all started with one tree.

We may not live to see the forest; but may the hope of it keep us diligent to do the hard , often underestimated job of sewing and nurturing the saplings.

A few facts about cedar trees:

  • Cedar trees grow in small clusters, so clear cutting is not really possible.

Symbolism: Clusters–families, bodies of believers make “clear-cutting”, or “a wiping out” by the enemy, nearly impossible.

  • The tree grows quickly—typically to full maturity in 15 to 20 years.

Symbolism: We have but a short time to plant, nurture and stake sturdy, well-rooted “cedars”.

  • Cedar has a history of lasting beauty.

Symbolism: “The righteous will still bring forth fruit in old age.”

  • Adverse conditions can have a negative effect on young, tender saplings. Staking and guarding them is necessary for healthy growth.

Symbolism: Guarding them from heavy doses of sinful influences while they’re young facilitates, not stunts their growth. Strong, mature trees are then able to withstand the surrounding pressures.

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