Generation Cedar

I’ve had more time this week to really look into the faces of my children (we’ve all been sick, so we’ve spent a lot of time sitting and looking at each other!). Every one of them is SO very different…there’s the exotic-looking one with Asian-looking eyes (even though I nor my husband are from Asian descent…)–people say she looks a bit mischevious. Then there’s the little boy who looks like me, only the second of all my six children who look like me, and he just smiles with his whole face. My “quiet one”, with the most incredible clear, blue eyes, able to melt me with just one sweet look. My older daughter who I share so much with. My seven-year-old son who is the most artistic and inventive little thing I ever saw. And the baby…head chocked-full of black hair…she is beautiful.

They are all so wonderfully unique….I think a lot about how easily I could have missed them. Early in our marriage, we figured two children was just fine…that way we’d be normal. If we had stuck with the original plan, OH the joy I would have missed! These little people would not be here! And that knowledge is so overwhelming to me, that it confirms in my heart how sacred a thing life is–too sacred for me to tamper with. Only the Almighty One can possibly know the intricasies of life that mesh supernaturally with each human who is born. Only He knows who they will become, or what they will accomplish, or just the simple joy they will bring to a mama’s life. THANK YOU LORD for causing us to realize that every child is indeed a gift from your hand.

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  1. Kelly,

    You are indeed blessed of the Lord. Your children are beautiful inside and out and your family is a testimony to God’s grace.

    I feel your passion for family and am in agreement. May the Lord open the eyes and hearts of all Christians so they can Biblically embrace all the children the Lord desires to entrust to them.

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