New Year News & Let’s Blog Again?

It’s been pretty quiet here for quite a while! Other than a few new posts over the last year, I’ve mostly recirculated older content on social media from time to time.

There are several reasons for the quiet season, not the least of which is just being a busy mama (and Lovey!) We are still plugging away with 8 still homeschooling here (including another senior this year). My oldest son joined the marines, leaving for boot camp December 20, and that sure has been an experience I wasn’t prepared for! He is doing well, and mostly, I see the Lord really working in his life! We are thrilled with his progress and so excited to see where the Lord takes him!

My oldest daughter at home started nursing school, doing most of her classes from home, and is really thriving in her studies.

We gave our kids the gift of a trip to CO to vacation with my brother’s family so we are just getting settled back in and rested from that, encouraged to start a new year of school. I am loving keeping my grands from time to time and watching them grow!

I want to commit to more regular posting, and I may focus more this year on friendships, serving, and how to hold up the hurting. I’ve had quite a few opportunities for this lately, and it has been on my heart that the Body needs to understand the urgency of being available for those who are hurting, and just simply know how to help and what to do in various situations.

But, if there are topics you’d like to see covered, PLEASE share them! Sometimes it feels like I’ve said everything, and sometimes it feels like I don’t know anything anymore, LOL, so any inspiration would be very appreciated.

I pray you all are having a great start to your new year, and I hope you’ll drop a comment and say “Hi!”

(Update: Comments should be working again! I’d love to hear from you.)

17 Responses to “New Year News & Let’s Blog Again?”

  1. Diana says:

    I would be thrilled to see you blogging again! Any subject, any time! Looking forward to reading!!

  2. Charlotte Moore says:

    It was so good to see a post from you. Hard to believe you have so many grown children. Seems like most should still be little. HA!!

    Hope this sends this time.

  3. tammy says:

    YAY!!!! Look so forward to hearing from you!!! Lord Bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you!!!!! <3

  4. Kim M. says:

    Yes, please!!!

  5. Sarah says:

    You have been such an inspiration to me for years as we’ve raised our 8kids! Rarely are there big family bloggers with balance and realistic expectations, which I always saw you had. Now I have some teenagers and I’d love your insight about your experience with that, especially boys! Thanks again for letting the Lord use you in this way to encourage so many!!

  6. 6 arrows says:

    Good to see you posting again! I’ll echo Charlotte: your kids have grown up so much! It took me longer than I want to admit to figure out which one was which. 🙂

    And your grandson is older than my youngest piano student — where did that time go?! 😀

  7. Kelly Crawford says:

    Where did the time go?! Good to hear from you friend.

  8. Mrs. White says:

    I enjoyed reading this update and seeing your family photographs. I love reading about your home life and family, even in just every day activities. I appreciate your godly perspective through it all.

  9. A davis says:

    Can you speak to the homeschool mom whose adult children have decided to walk away from everything they were taught . I have a son who told me he is “ deconstructing “ I’m so shattered .and feel like I have failed . Thank you for your wonderful articles . I have been a long time reader .

  10. Sheri says:

    So glad to see you are posting again, Kelly! I have followed you over the years and was hoping when I saw fewer posts last year that you weren’t walking away from blogging.
    You have been an inspiration to me particularly several years ago about the blessing of children. So thankful for your encouragement!

  11. Sarah c says:

    Kelly- you have encouraged me so many times and are really the only blog I read consistently so I thank you for your words of encouragement to mothers. We have 8 blessings and I would read you most during first trimesters so I could be reminded what I was doing time and time again
    I would love to hear all things from you one specifically is about Christian Community, doing life with one another in a homeschooling community, when is it okay to talk about things (could be considered gossiping) or not. I’ve seen patterns of not wanting to gossip and the heart behind it is good but on the other side it would have been nice to have been warned about a certain habit or character I am not wording this right. Clearly you are the blogger and I’m the blabber! But dealing with when is it gossip and when is it not. Hard to explain with our giving specific instances.

    Communication with my son. He is 10 and wonderful.
    We have something happen when we are conversing and we both speak like we are at the tower of babble. So help with understanding boys☺️

    Giving each child time to speak…. I am constantly saying your sister is talking, I need to wipe the baby,I need to transfer laundry, clean up in the kitchen because (insert your issue)
    Your brother is talking, over and over…. How do I teach one at a time.
    Have time to give to them independently. I feel some days so depleted and that I have barely given anyone any time because I’m just spent. I feel foggy so even if I’m looking at them sometimes I can’t even listen my brain is mush!!

    And dating/ courting what is your family protocol

    Typing this on my phone was not the easiest

    Hope that will give you some ideas…. I feel like what I want is to have coffee with you and ask a ton more though

  12. Jenny says:

    Any advice, wisdom for grown kids (and their parents!) on transitioning to adulthood/moving out when they don’t go the traditional route of college? What about daughters who really just want to be wives and mothers? How do they meet someone these days? We are in a small town and there doesn’t seem to be many young men who love the Lord and would make a good spouse. My adult daughter says she would take one path if she knew she would never be getting married, but would make different choices if she knew some day those things would happen. I’m not sure on how to counsel her through this. I moved away to college, met my husband, and never moved back home again. This is a whole new ballgame for me with her.

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