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Posts tagged: christian living

Joshua Harris: Sin and the Bean Bag

You really need to watch this clip by Joshua Harris.  Simple, funny, serious and important--all at the same time.  A timely message in our post-modern church who frowns on those who still call sin "sin".

The Christmas Jar: Original Story

Jason Wright, author of The Christmas Jar, tells with tenderness and passion, what motivated his family to begin this simple tradition, and recounts the details of their first Christmas jar experience.

The Difference a Word Can Make

"I t is difficult to articulate all the things swirling around in my head that the Lord is showing me.  Everything I've read or heard lately seems to all tie together in an overarching connection that cannot be escaped.  Let me give credit to our Bible study teacher, Mark Travers, who helped articulate some of ...

Evolution vs. Creation: Preparing Our Children for the War Zone

"The teaching of evolution has HUGE implications for Christianity and the transmitting of our faith to our children. If you remove Creation you remove the Creator; and if you remove the Creator you destroy all moral constraint...." -Chip Ingram The reason evolution continues to win the faith of so many, (despite widely accepted claims ...

Parenting–The Place to Begin is the Fear of God

From C.S. Lewis' The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe: The Beavers are describing Aslan to the children: "Then he isn’t safe?” said Lucy. “Safe?” said Mr. Beaver; ..."Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe.  But he’s good.  He’s the King I tell you.” We don't fear God. That's why we are losing our marriages as rapidly as those ...

Come to Jesus

On this Lord's day, my prayer is for your rest....my heart feels heavy tonight.  I hear from so many of you, so many with burdens too large to bear alone, for prayers too big to pray alone, and for heartache too painful to suffer alone. May you find that Jesus is sufficient.   Being broken can be ...

The Slow Learner Gets Reading Glasses

Heather,at The Narrow Gate , wrote a profoundly important post which she gave me permission to repost.  I think you will appreciate it.  I hope you will take it to heart. ******************************************************************************* "I'm back. And before I share what the Lord showed me, I would ask readers to please set aside any preconceived notions about doctrine or eschatology.  ...

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