The Glorious Ministry of the Table

With our hands, we take raw material that, on its own is simple, and we glorify it into something better. That is our privilege and our duty. It was at table, presumably, that Jesus brought salvation to the house of Zacchaeus. It was at table that a town tramp fell in love with Him and received ...

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Dear Mama, Your Suffering is Not Just For Enduring

(A post I wrote 4 years ago. đŸ™‚ )

I sat here a little while then stood up to get coffee, paralyzed for the moment. I'm 9 months pregnant. With my eleventh child. And I'm, ahem, older. My back has to adjust to the change in my position from sitting to standing before I can walk, ...

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“I Was Abused” (The Problem with a Victim Mentality)

I haven't forgotten the day. My dad glared at me, then threw the door stop across the room. He stormed out and that was it. The next day, he acted normal.

I was accustomed to such volatile cycles. Things had been bad for a while. I had learned to survive in an environment where authority was ...

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5 Stress-Free Ways to Improve Your Homeschooling

Let's face it: homeschooling can be stressful. And while stress levels are dependent on many factors, holding your child's education in your own hands can stress the most relaxed homeschooler.

Whether you are a strict desk-and-American flag kind of homeschooler, or a "playing-in-the-dirt-qualifies-as-an-experiment" kind, there are some regular habits that will benefit your homeschooled children.
1. Conversation
It ...

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Surviving Corona: Our Covid-19 Story

Corona Virus. Scary, not scary, who knows....there are so many stories, so I've been in the middle this whole time. Like it's real, and sometimes it's super serious. We should be cautious, but not stop living. Kind of like we treat every other risk in life.

Corona hit our household about a month ago. My husband ...

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What is Character & Can it be Taught to Our Children?

There is an effort, in the secular world, to teach character apart from the Christian faith.

And I have 2 problems with that:

1. We can pretend that God has nothing to do with the principles of character and good behavior, but He has everything to do with it. Every character trait we point to has its ...

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Inspiring Your Kids to be Entrepreneurs

I have 2 goals with this post: first one is to give your kids some useful, productive things to watch during summer and/or quarantine, and secondly, to inspire them (and maybe you) to be productive and consider starting their own business.


The video below is so exciting to watch! It's a show that features several kids ...

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HELP! I’m Considering Homeschooling and I Don’t Know Where to Start

So, this year has gone crazy and you're thinking about homeschooling, but it scares you to death?

Take a deep breath--you're not alone!

I remember when I first decided. I couldn't believe I was actually going to take this leap into the unknown. I read, I listened, I worried, I second-guessed.

As a veteran home-school mom of 19 ...

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What to Do When You are Paralyzed by Your Problems

(Note: I wrote this post in 2017 and never published it. Maybe too personal at the time? But perhaps it could encourage someone reading now, so I decided to publish it.)

It was night and you know problems loom larger at night. But this wasn't just any problem. It was an ongoing, keep-you-up-at-night, "I don't know ...

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Do We Live in Blind Faith? (Psst..It’s the only Faith That’s Real)

Faith might be a buzz word of Christianity, but so few of us know that real, living, pray-for-daily-bread kind of faith that we read about in Scripture and in the stories of the saints of the past. Perhaps our comforts have moved us beyond the need to trust like that.

If you've never read the story of ...

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