The Secret to Less Stress in Homeschooling? The 3 R’s

Homeschoolers face a number of stresses. They have to answer neighbors and strangers alike about qualifications, feeling the constant need to prove the effectiveness of homeschooling, though its validation has been long proven.

Curriculum choices abound and we are always looking at our homeschooling friends to see how they are doing it, always knowing we could be doing more. Because the truth is, we could. That’s the nature of learning–there’s an ocean to know. But we don’t have to drink the ocean or feel badly about being incapable of doing so. What we do need are the basic tools to drink in what we can–what’s in front of us, what is needful, what is helpful, what is good.

So what do we need to do to best prepare our diversified children who will all likely pursue a different path in life?

We need to RELAX and return to simplicity–namely, the 3 R’s.

There’s a reason the term “3 R’s” is still used to widely define education: they are the foundation to all learning.

If we just  help our children develop in the ares of reading, writing and numbers, we will have done a robust job of preparing them for life.

I say have fun with the curriculum and trying different books and programs if you wish. But at the point you begin to stress about it all, put them away and return to the basics.


I have LOTS of ideas for destressing your homeschooling in my short, easy and practical book, “Think Outside the Classroom: A Practical Approach to Relaxed Homeschooling” on sale now for $2 off!


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  1. Charlotte Moore says:

    Children have so much stress with testing, school work, and homework. Teachers also are stressed for what is expected of them.

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