Encouraging Sons to Desire to Marry a Homemaker

Join me today at Raising Homemakers for Encouraging Your Sons to Desire to Marry a Homemaker!

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  1. Annie D says:

    Hi Kelly! Check your link. I clicked on the above title and was redirected to your site to order a book, not to Raising Homemakers.

    Have a stellar day!

  2. Eva says:

    I love this article! Being a teenage young woman, I know both boys that are just looking for someone pretty, smart, and who will be successful, and the boys are are excited to be married to someone who wants to stay at home and do her natural duty and raise children full time. I definitely know which boys I prefer! It is so discouraging to me to meet a nice boy who just doesn’t know how important it is to have a family, and who doesn’t know the roles that men and women were divinely ordained to play in those families. but is is equally encouraging to me to meet a boy who says he wants to marry a girl whose dream it is to focus all her attention and energy on raising a family unto God. And of course, the biggest factor that influence these boys is their mothers. I see a pattern where the boys who want to have stay at home wives have stay at home mothers, and the other way around too.
    One more point. I had a boy tell me that he is afraid to say that he wants a stay at home wife because he thinks people will say he is sexist. I think lots of boys feel this way, and it is just too bad! These young men are getting intimidated by feminists so much that they are afraid to say what they know is right.

    • Laura says:

      guess it’s a free country and it’s not like girls are forced to marry someone who sees things differently!! I just wish boys were free to be boys and not have political correctness pin them down…

      • Eva says:

        Oh I agree that it’s a free country and girls aren’t forced to marry someone who sees things differently from them, I just wish more boys saw things the same way as I do 🙂

    • Erica says:

      I just wanted to share something with you. My DH wasn’t born into a Christian family, in fact didn’t start going to church at all until about 8 yrs ago. Something he always said to me was that he felt *very* strongly that he should work while I stay home and watch the kids/tend the house/care for him. He didn’t feel this way because the Bible, but because he grew up in a home where his father worked & his mother stayed home. So just because that is what he was use to, that’s what he wanted.

      BUT, this wasn’t something we even discussed in the beginning of our relationship. Maybe he thought I’d run the other way? I honestly don’t know. Yet this is a very important thing for young people to be comfortable discussing. Especially *if* you are looking towards having a future with someone! 🙂 We all need to encourage each other to speak truthfully about what they expect in a life mate.

      I’m sorry that you know boys that are afraid to admit this is what they want out of their wife. Maybe you should encourage them by telling them that you (and maybe other girls you know) WANT boys that want to marry a girl who is desiring to stay home. We women opened the can of worms (feminism) and sometimes we have to lead the charge to get our male counterparts know that it is acceptable to desire (and admit) that they want to live a Biblical marriage.

      I’ll pray for you….with the ways of the world as they are I’m sure it’s very hard to be young and try to live a life that pleases God. Just remember that one day (when He decides) you will meet that man!

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