From: The Kingdom Choice of Raising Children

motherhood coverExcerpt from When Motherhood Feels Too Hard

“When I see my children through Kingdom-eyes, their vices aren’t irritations that bug me and cause me to be angry; they are offenses that sober me and call me to the tireless and tender action of praying for, teaching and tending the garden of their souls. My children are the very happiest when I have loved them enough to require gratitude, obedience and honor. Their little faces light up into mine when they sense my tenderest sincerity toward their character. And then, to place my hands on their heads, kneel over them and pray…

“Father, you have blessed me with this child. Thank you that she is growing to love You, thank you that she is obedient, and I pray that she will serve you all the days of her life”…

causes a heart-smile to break across their faces, and they know—it sinks down deep and they know that I am in this for life, through tears, joys and hardship. I am their advocate, and I will stop short of nothing to give “my life for yours” in these few years they are mine.”

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  1. laura says:

    had me thinking…with the onset of birth control, it’s like women had the choice to really be women or not…or at least to embrace the distinctive characteristic of what made them woman, or not…Before that, women HAD to deal with whatever was brought their way in regards to childbearing…In the past God was still God, so to speak, and He could work…now, it’s like we so mistrust Him, and so want our own way that we have tried to find a way to subvert His purposes…often so that we can sin without consequences…Just throwing out some thoughts…

  2. Charity says:

    I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that this is coming out in print. I’m so old fashioned that way, wanting the book in my hand. 😉

    • Word Warrior says:

      I’m pretty excited too, Charity. I got a proof copy and there IS just something about holding a book….and I think it’s so much easier to keep close and refer to, which I need to do with this book 😉

  3. Sarah D says:

    Thank you, Kelly, for this book. I have the e-book and printed it out so I could read it while feeding the baby (I don’t have a laptop or e-reader). I have been so encouraged by the daily entries. =)

  4. Kim M says:

    Enjoying playing catch up in the middle of the night. Your blog is a breath of fresh air right now.

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