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2 Responses to “Need Cheap Advertising for Your Business?”

  1. Cathy Downs says:

    I am interested in advertising with you as a christian business- home business focused on creating a healthy enviornment for the family. This provides an opportunity for building a business so that a person can be more free to enjoy their family, build extra income and become more healthy at the sme time.


    Cathy Downs

  2. Dear Sigh,
    I’m sorry that you’ve gotten the impression that people would be upset about your daughter’s earrings and your cell phone. While many of the commenters are being extreme, most doctors and nurses would never expect you to sell your daughter’s $120 earrings to pay for your medical care, nor would they judge you for having Medicaid. Although this kind of conversation is common in certain environments (particularly emergency departments, where stress is high and continuity and time to understand patients’ lives is low), in places like my clinic anyone talking this judgmentally about patients would get his hat handed to him. We never know what situations people are in or how they got there when we first meet them. After we know more, we find out that the Cadillac was a loan from a friend for the week, that the iPhone’s service is cut off and can still play games but has no function as a phone, that the “gold” jewelry is fake, and that “ice cream” means a 50 cent popsicle that is a rare treat for the children to make up for the fact they’ve been in the emergency room all day.

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