True Woman Manifesto: Read it, Sign it, Live it.

True Woman Manifesto

5 Responses to “True Woman Manifesto: Read it, Sign it, Live it.”

  1. SavebyGrace says:

    Great read! I printed it off and after reading it sent to link to a lot of women I know. Here’s to praying more women find it and sign on to living it.

    I’ve been researching modesty and Biblical Womanhood a lot lately but I hadn’t found this site, it looks like I’ve got more reading to do. I’ve learned it’s very important to have a Teachable Heart so we can accept and perform what the Holy Spirit teaches us.


  2. Love it! Printing off copies to use with the devotional I’m leading at our upcoming Ladies Retreat! This is perfect for what I’m speaking on, and came at the perfect time! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. jen in AL says:

    this is great! very well said! a hearty AMen! blessings,jen in al

  4. Ruth Adams says:

    I will be at True Woman this weekend. I am so excited. The Lord has used Revive Our Hearts to mentor me the past few years.

  5. Word Warrior says:

    I’m going too–maybe I’ll see you!

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