Women Hold the Keys to Real Power and Influence

Irony constantly leaps out of God’s order as it opposes what those around us say.

As women in this century, we face lies about our power at every turn. As we hear more and more about the “danger and oppression” of traditional family roles and marriage, and how women must fight for their independence from everything around them, we see women becoming weaker and weaker under the guise of power, and ultimately, it weakens our entire infrastructure as a nation.
As Keeper of my home, I hold keys. Important, powerful keys. Keys to the immediate doors of my family, and keys to the future of my civilization.

What we’re witnessing around us politically and culturally may not appear to be directly related to our roles as women. But it is my opinion that it has everything to do with it. I fully understand why the forerunners of socialism and communism said, “We must influence the women first”.

And even as a woman who understands the concept of “holding keys”, am I being diligent to use them properly, to their fullest potential? Even we can get slack, or apathetic, or discouraged. I know I sometimes do.

So what are those keys that I hold, and how can I better use them?

Key #1 Doubling the power of my family’s influence.
When God so wisely constructed marriage, he built a relationship where two people became one stronger entity. They completed each other, they did not compete. The enemy seeks to create competition because it divides that entity and thereby restrains the power of a unified family.
Consider all the ways a family is divided against itself…every time members go in opposite directions to fulfill roles or achieve goals that are counter to each other, the family is divided and weakened. Even the church has fallen party to dividing the family.
As a wife I have the opportunity to fortify my husband, and reinforce my family on a daily basis as we all work toward the same vision and goals.

Key #2 Building the next generation.
It’s no secret when we look around that we sorely lack responsible, intelligent, moral, wise leaders. Should we be surprised? Those kinds of people don’t just show up. A lot of sacrifice is involved in creating those people. Am I willing to make that sacrifice? Every day? Can I see the diaper-dragging toddler as a politician that may move mountains one day? When she’s bathing her dolly in the toilet, do I imagine that this baby will grow up to be a strong mother of leaders?
Somebody has to build the next generation, or we will all pay.

Key #3 Strengthening families around me.

A true “key-holder” knows that her influence extends beyond her own family. How can we build others up? Are we looking for practical needs around us to be filled? Physical, spiritual, emotional ones? Are we available to help meet those needs? “She extends her hand to the needy.”

If women everywhere would understand their influence and exercise it in just these three key areas, we would see a revolution. Our power lies in reaching beyond ourselves and most often denying our immediate desires. It lies in vision, in seeing beyond today and being willing to do what’s hard, what’s unpopular or unseen in order to propel the strength of a nation.

Cling to the irony of truth–“he who loses his life will find it”.

8 Responses to “Women Hold the Keys to Real Power and Influence”

  1. Amy says:

    You are an encouragment! I really appreciate your boldness and passion for God’s truths on these very important subjects.

  2. Lady-in-the-Making says:

    THIS IS SO TRUE!!!!!

    Thank you for telling it like it is, Kelly. We need you!

  3. Kim M. says:

    Amen to this post!

  4. Kelly says:

    Awesome post…preaching to this choir, but awesome nonetheless. I am very greatful to have stumbled upon your post. It either encourages me to continue or encourages me to seek God all the more. Praise God for you!

  5. Word Warrior says:

    Just so you know, and I don’t say it enough, but all your comments are so precious to me, and they encourage me to keep writing. I love seeing a new comment in my inbox!

  6. Bethany Hudson says:

    “The man may be the head of the family, but the woman is the neck!”
    – Mom from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

    Sorry…couldn’t resist 🙂 More accurately, I would say, the man may be the head of the family, but the woman is the heart. We have tremendous influence in our homes–IF we will wield it.


  7. Mrs. Lady Sofia says:

    I read this post last night, but didn’t have time to post. I just wanted to say thank you for this encouraging post.

    BTW, I think the only way that you would stop writing is if your fingers stopped working – and even then, your words would come through your mouth. You’d be posting encouraging videos for us instead (smiles).

  8. Word Warrior says:


    I Did a Post entitled “The Woman is the Neck”, lol!


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