The Birth Control Pill Causing Abortion?

Planned Parenthood has tried to keep it under wraps, as have many other “anti-children” circles…but the truth is finally beginning to emerge in the media. The birth control pill is thought by most people to simply prevent a woman from ovulating, thus preventing even the possibility of pregnancy. Not the case. Known for a long time, but not widely advertised (I can’t imagine why), is that the prevention of ovulation is only ONE of the pill’s strategies. Dr. Cynthia Jones-Nosacek reports: “The pill doesn’t always prevent ovulation. As often as 30% of the time, ovulation may occur and if that happens, fertilization may’s called a chemical abortion.” A growing number of doctors and pharmacists are now refusing to dispense it, on the grounds that it is a form of abortion.

Wake up, people of GOD!!! Let us mourn for the children we have unknowingly killed…and take responsibility for what we know. We can not claim to be pro-life if we kill our own babies!

This fact about the birth control pill is just another confirmation that the issue is not “neutral”. Death surrounds it on every side. The theme is…”prevent life, whatever the cost”. Our selfishness is powerful…but not powerful enough to plead for us on judgement day.

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  1. JBSmiths says:

    I think most Christians and others practicing this don’t want to know this truth. Every birth control method is damaging in some way–if not in preventing or stopping life, then in putting the woman at various health risks, and it can be damaging emotionally, to both partners.
    You made a very good point–that pro-life Christians in particular should think about the meaning of birth control and of its real effects.

  2. Cassandra says:

    Ouch. I’m someone who accidentally killed a child with birth control. It was three years ago, but I still cry about it every time. I don’t yet have kids… My baby could have been three already.

    No one told me that birth control could do that. I didn’t realize until after it happened and I did some research. More women need to know when they go in for birth control.

  3. Word Warrior says:


    I am so sorry…I appreciate your honesty–your admittance that it was something you wish you hadn’t done, instead of a defense, which many women are prone to do to protect themselves. That’s a real strength of character for you to do that.

  4. Deanna Washburn says:

    I’ve even asked an OB/GYN if this is true, and they said no way does it terminate a pregnancy. Hogwash! And shame on doctors who knowingly lie to people.

  5. Tina B. says:

    ACtually YOU are lying as it has been proven that the pill does NOT cause early abortions. 30% is your stat yet fertility sites say that a healthy woman having regular sex will only have a 25% chance at conceiving. How do you reconcile that?

    I’d like legit stats, not ones from pro life sites.

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