The Shocking Truth About Education

The Misconception of Education GK Chesterton said: “The most important fact about the subject of education is that there is no such thing. Education is not a subject, and it does not deal in subjects. It is instead the transfer of a way of life.” Most of us have a misconception of education. We believe that “education” is the transference of knowledge. And so we argue over who is best qualified to transfer knowledge so our children will be properly […]

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The Best Homeschool Christian History Curriculum (That Takes No Work for You!)

The Best Homeschool Christian History Curriculum

  The Best History Curriculum for Homeschooling High School We have used Compass Classroom for several of our high school kids. It is by far one of my favorite homeschooling resources! The material is accurate, interesting and so easy to use. Click on the banner to see a sample of their American History curriculum, and I’ll post additional courses below that I know you’ll want to check out!   Homeschool Made Simple is a video course by Carol Joy Seid […]

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Best Christian Parenting Books

Recommended Christian Parenting Books for Every Stage These are some of the best Christian parenting books, in my opinion, and a must-read for every parent. If you are looking to grow in your relationship with the Lord and become a better equipped Christian parent, make these books a part of your library! Parenting “In the midst of folding laundry, coordinating carpool schedules, and breaking up fights, many parents get lost. Feeling pressure to do everything “right” and raise up “good” […]

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The Secret to Homeschooling Success: Understanding the Difference Between Schooling and Education

Whether you are a new homeschool mom or a veteran, you no doubt experience stress and anxiety from time to time, worried you aren’t doing enough and worried you are failing your children somehow. Maybe you’re considering homeschooling and feel like you are not adequate. Stop what you’re doing and catch the podcast I recorded at Schoolhouse Rocked a few months ago about the peace that comes from understanding the difference between schooling and education. I think you’ll be really […]

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Homemaking: Building a Home Builds the Kingdom

Building a home, building people, building the Kingdom–this is the profound task we’ve been called to–commanded and privileged to do! Rebekah Merckle is fantastic at revealing the enormous scope of what it means to be a woman who glorifies the Lord in her calling, making everything better, and using all the gifts and opportunities he’s given us. I’ve written a whole bunch about this amazing job we’ve been given if you want to dive deeper. Here are just a few […]

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The Secret of Christmas That Makes Sense of Our Suffering

During this Advent season, we eagerly anticipate the celebration of our Savior’s birth. But for some, they don’t feel like celebrating for various reasons. And probably, any adult reading this is enduring some kind of trial or hardship. But if we look closer at the history and the story surrounding Christ’s birth, there is so much hope mingled in for us! Advent is a time of waiting. And many of us are waiting–for a prodigal child to come home, for […]

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6 Ways to Nurture Relationships With Your Teens

We all know that keeping lines of communication open is key to helping your teens grow to maturity and wisdom. But knowing how to do that isn’t always easy. We also know it can be quite a challenge precisely because they are in a stage of gaining their independence, weaning away from us in a sense.

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5 EASY Ways to Make Money Doing What You Already Do (& a Bonus Idea You Won’t Believe)

5 EASY Ways to Make Money Doing What You Already Do

Simple Ways to Make Money Doing What You Already Do Prices are rising but incomes are not. That’s a reality for just about everyone I know. So if you’re like us, you need some creative ideas to stretch your dollar if you are trying to maintain some semblance of life as you’ve always known it. Why not make money doing what you already do? I have been trying some things out and wanted to share 5 ways I am making […]

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Homeschooling: Will They be Ready for College?

  Will Homeschooling Prepare Your Children for College? One Mom’s Perspective and Experience College Disclaimer: Before I answer if your homeschooling will make your children ready for college, my college disclaimer: I am not a fan of going to college just because you have graduated high school. It doesn’t make sense to me to accrue debt and waste time without a clear focus and reason to attend college. Outside of the STEM careers, the world we live in offers SO […]

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Mom Hack: Spaghetti Sauce PACKED with Veggies (They Don’t Know!)

Mom Hack: Spaghetti Sauce PACKED with Veggies

A few months ago, our family began a different way of eating. Most of you have probably heard of the Mediterranean Diet (again, not really a diet, but way of eating.) It’s doctor recommended for heart health, losing weight and overall health benefits. So far we are enjoying this way of eating. To be fair, we allow cheat days. Sometimes you’re invited to dinner and you eat what’s there. Or sometimes, you may just want to splurge and eat something […]

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