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I know there have been lots of crickets here lately. What to say? Life is super full and I don’t get around to writing like I used to. But let me just tell you…when I saw this piece come across my Facebook feed, I HAD to share it with you. Do not click away. Read the whole article and feel your heart and mind recharge with beautiful truth. I’d love to hear what you thought (I miss our conversations)!

“I wish we loved the strength it takes for a woman to become a wife and a mother. We marvel at her physical strength when she births a child. But we forget what invisible strength she shows when she lays down her life for her home every day after that. Social media spends all of its energy telling women to remember who they are, to fight for their sacred spaces, to become the woman they want to be. All things that feel confusing when you’re holding a newborn baby and learning to forget your self-centeredness, allow others into your personal space, and become the woman that you are becoming and not who you thought you’d be.”

Read the rest of “The One Life Dream That Makes a Girl Blush”


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  1. I lived the life of giving my all to a family. I made mistakes and didn’t have a lot of the information there is today. I will never, ever, regret being a full time wife, Mom and homemaker. I was ridiculed and rejected by relatives but carried on. When others thought and told me I needed to be more up to date I didn’t realize then that I was living the life God intended for woman. He blessed me many times. He assured me, back in the 60’s, that if I did life His way He would always take care of us financially. He did and is doing that plus protecting me in my widowhood.

  2. Thank you for sharing this Kelly. I am not on FB and only keep up with a few blogs (and public Instagram accounts) that challenge and encourage me spiritually. I read the full article and I thank God for His perfect timing. I have struggled with being a stay-at-home mom, schooling my kids and not having much of an outlet due to my husband’s odd work hours and sharing a vehicle. Part of me knows this is my calling and I ought to rejoice that I get to be involved so much in my children’s formative years and onward.
    But I have had my share of weak moments where I feel that my “job” is so simple and mundane and that maybe I’m just being lazy in not pursuing more outside of the home. I look at other Christian moms who feel the Lord hasn’t called them to only be a “maid” and they are so busy with church, side businesses and counseling, etc… I confess that I start to feel so inadequate that all I can manage is to do the housework and other activities that involve my kid’s and not much other outreach. I’m not an entrepreneur type and get stressed easily when I take on too much; it’s an encouragement for me to read that it’s enough to just be a mom and wife. There will be a season when I have more time outside the home and when it comes, I’ll likely be tearing up at how quickly my kids grew and telling other young moms to soak in all the time they can with their kids. 🙂

    Once again, thanks Kelly for always getting to the heart of matters. We live in a culture that celebrates doing and can’t seem to understand the importance of just being. Money and action trumps relationship and quality time. I need my faith to be built up that what I am as a mom/wife is enough.


  3. I see my married daughter becoming a woman growing into her role as a new wife and now a mother-to-be. As my granddaughter grows in my daughter’s womb, my daughter’s love deepens for the child she carries.

    Is there anything more touching and beautiful?

    God be praised for the tender love and longing only He can build into the mother-child bond.

  4. Dear 6 Arrows!

    I am in the same place right now! It is so beautiful and I am so blessed!

    We just spent the weekendend with them! What an amazing time!

    The LORD be praised. I am filled.

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