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Our Living a Legacy conference was a huge success! I am so refreshed, encouraged and inspired by the many women who came and whose hearts are yearning to build homes for the glory of God! We laughed, we cried and we came away with a renewed vision of the profound work of “home missions”. A BIG thank you to all who attended!


Here are a few pictures from our wonderful day together:

Kathy shared with us the profound work of making our homes a “mission base” for our families, neighbors and surrounding communities. Kathy and her family are a living example of this message and how far-reaching its effects can be. Truly the harvest is ripe!

This lady inspires us! She is mom to 13, 12 of whom are adopted, special needs children. She manages with a grace and joy that exudes from her.

“I am so thankful I was able to attend the Leaving a Legacy conference yesterday! I can not even begin to tell of all the ways the Lord worked through Robin Brooks WhiteKathy Brodock, Kelly Crawford, and their daughters (Taylor White.Olivia Brodock. Emma, and Bria). I was especially touched also by Sherry Lee’s testimony. The Lord used this day to encourage, convict, and teach me so much! What a blessing!!!” Jeanette

So many sweet, fun ladies!

Good tears.

Robin admonished us with a contagious passion, to raise up warriors for the next generation, to answer the call to rescue the needy, to be available to the fatherless and to count it joy to die daily, as we do the “hard, messy work” of being the hands and feet of Christ in our homes. Stepping outside of our “comfortable, American boxes” brings the sweet fruit of finding our lives as we lose them.

“ good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”

Part of our “nation”, waiting to come up and meet everyone.

Emma Brodock

Our girls shared their hearts for what it means to live where they are joyfully, contentedly serving the Lord.

Taylor White

Bria Crawford

A sweet sister, having just recovered from a burst vessel in her brain, and an emergency c-section to deliver her 23 wk. old baby girl during the brain surgery. God’s mercy is everlasting.

Getting to meet so many of our blog friends, adding a physical dimension to our friendships, was a little slice of Heaven.

We had so many wonderful vendors! Here, Jessica encourages aspiring film makers to join her home industry, Plant and Pillars, a young, film-maker’s festival.

Olivia “wowed” us with her amazing culinary gift, serving two meals during the conference.

My handsome husband…just because.

Sherry Lee closed the evening with a heart-warming, profoundly moving account of her recent trials as she lost her husband in last year’s devastating storm, and with poised humility, spurred us to remember that “He is enough” no matter what storms we face. She encouraged us to “live a legacy on purpose” and shared that her family’s tragedy had  confirmed the reality that her children all owned their faith personally due to her husband’s faithful legacy….the legacy of trusting a Heavenly Father who is sustaining them through the most difficult circumstances imaginable.

Changing the world,  by God’s amazing grace, one home at a time.

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  1. Oh how I wish I could attend such a conference, listen to such inspiring women and meet other mothers in that ‘physical dimension’ who are working in their homes and reaching out from them to the world that God loves. I have attended large conferences for women in the past and felt ‘lost in the crowd.’ There were messages of reaching the world, sisterhood and much talk of empowerment but I realized later not one single message devoted to the subject of motherhood and very few mentions of the home, the very place where legacy is founded and where devoted service and world changing begins. It sounds like the Living a Legacy Conference was a huge success and I pray that all who attended were thoroughly blessed and inspired! Well done Kelly!

  2. Dear Kelly,

    Thank you so very much and with all my heart!! The conference was an incredible encouragement to my daughters and i and the friends we came with. I did not want it to end. I thank our Glorious God for you all and your hearts for others. I know it must have been an awful lot of time and effort and study and prayer to bring something so precious to fruition. Thank you seems not enough words, please know this was a gift of powerful love and grace that you all gave to those who attended. Such a J O Y to meet you all face to face!! Thank you for takin the time to talk to me (you may never know how precious that is!) you are such a beautiful ,beautiful lady inside and out. I am so thankful to my husband (who wanted me to come), and to you all for your outpouring and testamony of the Grace, love, transforming power of God!! To God be the Glory.

    1. Tammy,

      Thank YOU for talking to me! What an encourager you are! I could have talked to you all day and wish we had had the time. Let’s do it again!

      1. Dear Kelly,
        I would be honored and so blessed if/WHEN the Lord brings us together again! My husband (dear precious man!)has said he wants to take me to B-ham for an overnight and then hopefully visit your church!! I hope and pray this gets to happen!!! Maybe in the autumn (my favorite time of year!). I am thankful you were encouraged as you encourage so many on a weekly if not daily basis. May the Lord continue to bless this ministry!

  3. Dear Kelly,

    Thank you so much for all the hard work and time you put into making this one of the best conferences my daughters and I have ever attended. We came away encouraged and convicted. It was such a joy to meet you and the other dear ladies that put this conference together. We so enjoyed your speeches and loved the fellowship of all the precious ladies that attended. The food was incredible too. It is a weekend we will always treasure. I hope you will consider doing it again.
    May the Lord pour out his blessings upon you as you continue your ‘home missions’ work.

    In Christ,


  4. Ann, I didn’t think I could, but we made it 🙂 I’m sure you’ll be able to too sometime.

    What a piece of paradise on earth, that sweet town and beautiful church. We LOVED the speakers, and I got to chat a lot with Kelly as well as meet the other two awesome ladies. We even got to sit with the beautiful Crawford family on Sunday morning, and what a great sermon! It was such a treat. My mom hit it off with the ladies there as I knew she would, and she loved talking to them. The young women were so graceful and the children so well-behaved; thank God for the sweet gentlemen too, some of which helped us in car trouble!

    Kelly, it was so cool and special to meet your family and sit with you; all those precious children I’d seen in pictures I finally got to meet in person. They’re lovely, and my mom said you and your husband are like Ken and Barbie 🙂

    1. Oh Jennifer, what a joy to be with you and your sweet mother! I have told my husband over and over how wonderful it was to meet you and the other women with whom I’ve only known through a one-dimensional medium. To actually meet face to face and “see” you and the others was sheer delight for me. Thank you for your kind words!

      1. It was so special 🙂 The time was nice and fruitful, and reminded me to keep my face to God and out of the artificial muck I’ve found so often, especially online. I listened to your CD the other morning and loved it! That was, in fact, the only time I’ve ever won anything in a drawing 😛 Which child was singing with you in the CD song about children being a heritage? I loved seeing those little faces grinning at me in the church 🙂

      1. Has she graduated from HS already?
        How do you feel about that -graduated or almost there-. When I think of all the homeschool years I still have ahead of me, it looks like it will never end!

  5. Thank you so much! As a mother of a young child, I needed the encouragement. What a blessing Saturday was! I have thanked God many times for the blessings of the day!

      1. Thanks! We went to an Above Rubies Family Camp last month and it was great! I have been thinking so long how needed Godly Titus 2 type woman are! It seems to become more of a rarity, unfortunately. I want to encourage you all to keep on, keeping on! You’re providing such wisdom and I appreciate reading your blog.

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