Generation Cedar

As we seek to raise God-honoring children in a God-hating society, one of the most beneficial things we have found is to expose our children to other positive role models, both in our personal lives and abroad.

One such inspiration has been the four sisters that make up the Eden String Quartet. We had purchased this DVD for our daughter, and it has been a huge blessing. The DVD gives a candid peek into the Miller family, with honest encouragement for Dads, Moms and children alike.

They talk of home life, struggles, joys and life on the farm.

Besides that, the incredible musical concerts are hard to beat for entertainment!

Just wanted to pass it along if you’re looking for strength for the journey!

To learn more about the DVD: Eden String Quartet

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! I had heard of these girls before, and am curious to watch the video with my daughters..
    blessings to you this morning♥

  2. Oh I love anything from Franklin Springs! We have seen most of their films, but just haven’t gotten to this one yet. It is on our netflix list. 😉

  3. Absolutely beautiful.
    This is soothing music.

    I just listened to How Great Thou Art by BECOMING ARCHETYPES and got sick to my stomach how this so called christian metal group molested this beautiful hymn. It sounds so demonic.
    WARNING…don’t listen to this with young children around.

    I’m not sure if you’ve written about music and how it can effect us.
    Would you ever consider?
    Thank you,

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