Join Me Today at the Free Homeschool Summit!

It’s HERE!!! The Homeschool Summit starts today and I will be in one of the opening sessions.

Click HERE to sign up now for the totally FREE Homeschool Teaching Summit 2.0 to access this exclusive video session from me:

“Is Homeschooling Stressing You Out? A Closer Look at School vs Education”

You’ll learn about:

  • Why to treat conversation like a school subject
  • How to change things up from your own school experience
  • Why re-thinking education is a de-stresser
  • Identifying your approach to school and its success at promoting life skills

It’s just one of 25+ sessions all created to help you point your heart back to the Lord in the midst of your homeschooling for a fresh, Christ-centered restart. Hurry  free registration is only available for a limited time! Sign up now at Homeschool Summits.

2 Responses to “Join Me Today at the Free Homeschool Summit!”

  1. Gracie says:

    Really enjoyed your talk on the home education summit. It was a breath of fresh air. Do you have any lists of home education resources, particularly read aloud / living books that you have appreciated over the years?
    Our kiddos currently range in age from 11 to 20 months, with number 7 in the oven.
    Thank you for your ministry to mamas!

  2. Thank you Gracie! Hmmm…I’d have to think a bit about a list. I love the classic “Cornerstones of Freedom” history books, though they may be tricky to find. Honestly, most of my kids do not enjoy reading, so I have to search hard for books that interest them. I browse Ambleside from time to time to get good ideas for books. I love the Ingri and Edgar Parin D’aulaire books for younger children, and we’ve read quite a few biographies of heroes of the faith. Also, the Children’s Books of …by William Bennett have been some we really enjoyed.

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