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I’m never as bold in the moment as I am later, when I replay the situation. When the lady at the grocery store finds out that yes, they are “all mine”, and that I have one on the way, I’ve already handed her a paper bag, but I’m never bold enough to answer her comments.

“Do you know what causes that?” (Well, OBVIOUSLY.)

“Do you want more?” (Her tone makes it sound like she’s referring to hemorrhoids, rather than children.)

And although I would never be rude enough to probe into her private sex life (“So, what form of birth control do you use?”), I simply smile and say that I love children, and leave her looking dumbfounded.

But here’s the thing that gets me. The lie that has been propelled about the need to prevent children is SO powerful, that we have completely forgotten how absurd the act really is. Let me paint a picture: I go to the doctor and the following conversation ensues…

“Doc, I have this problem. I’m a very busy lady, but I keep having to interrupt my schedule to use the restroom. Oh I’d say I have to stop every three or four hours.”

Doc answers. “Well, you know that your body is designed to operate that way, for your own health.”

“Yeah, yeah, but it’s ANNOYING. I need you to just snip my urethra.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Just cut it!”

“I’m not just going to cut it!”

“Ok then, is there a pill that would keep me from urninating?”

Do you see where I’m going with this? The scenario I just described is ABSURD. But a woman is drilled or made fun of for not impairing her reproductive system. We were designed by the Master Creator, just as He desired. Why do I have to explain something that my body does naturally, just because someone chose to intervene with her body? If anyone should have to explain anything, the burden of proof should lie on the one who medically altered her body. Medical technology is to be used when we are broken. Not to break us.

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  1. Kelly, this reminds me of a time a few years ago at a visit to my OBGyn. He asked me if my husband and I would be interested in a certain B.C. method. I asked him, “Why change something that is working just fine?” He answered, “That’s why you do it: because it works too well!” I was alarmed by this response from him, being an OBGyn doctor, whose main business is to deliver babies, and he was discouraging women from having them in the first place! As you’ve noticed, too, his attitude must come from the culture, because it certainly is contrary to his profession, where a large portion of the business is prenatal care and delivering babies.

  2. Excellent comparison. Isn’t it bizarre how easy it is to let fear and control addictions override our families and lives?

  3. You need to not be too shy!! LOL When people aske me you know what causes taht I always say “yeah and we like it”

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