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Important things for mothers to do:

  • Sit quietly a little while everyday, preferably outdoors or within view of it.  Contemplate how large creation is, and then remind yourself how tiny it is compared to the Creator.  He holds your problems in His hands.
  • Stop. If you find yourself busy all the time, find some place to stop.  Cancel an appointment, a get-together or a trip.  You can’t sit in a quiet place unless you stop first.
  • Smile. I find it true that the more life is lived, the more we have to be reminded of the simplest things!  Sometimes we’re tired, irritated or worried and we need to make a conscious decision to smile–it will tell our children and our husband that everything is still going to be OK, and that’s a very important thing for them to know.
  • Touch the people you love.
  • Play a game.  With your husband, your children, yourself–just play one.
  • Go outside. It miraculously removes a lot of stress.
  • Paint your toenails–or, if you’re like me, have someone do it for you 😉
  • Find a Bible verse to meditate on throughout the day.  Talk about it with your children.

Important things for mothers to say to their children:

  • “I love being with you.”
  • “You make my day better.”
  • “You’re a gift.”
  • “I’m so glad God gave you to us.”
  • “God has a great plan for you…don’t stop serving Him.”
  • “There’s no place I’d rather spend the day than with you.”
  • “You make me laugh.”
  • “What I want more than anything on earth is for you to “seek first the Kingdom of God”.
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  1. Love the advice, Kelly. I especially like the tip to touch those you love. This is not a problem in our family, but it’s something that I have seen really drain the life out of some families because they neglect it!

  2. Love this.

    I often tell my children that I am glad God sent them to me. They always laugh; kids tend to think we own them, I like to remind them that we all belong to God first :))

  3. Love this too, Kelly.
    “Stop and smell the roses”

    So, I don’t read in a feed reader. Is your Newsletter something different or is it your blog feed by email?

  4. Jacque,

    No, the newsletter is random bits of info/news/topics on my mind 😉 It’s especially good if you like “newsletter readers only” discounts on our products.

  5. Kelly,
    God Bless you as you give birth to this precious baby in your womb.

    My Dear, your blog is OUTSTANDING and very eye opening as I read it when I can. I’m stunned about aborted fetuses being used in Vaccines. STUNNED. I read about this procedure from your blog and as I researched it on my own with other sites that you hadn’t mentioned…I am finding out that it’s a reality.

    When I shared this with my husband, he didn’t want to believe it, but as he researched as well, he is seeing that this is true. is a biological web site.

    I greatly APPRECIATE the forum you have here where we peeps can chatter.

    God richly bless you,
    ~D~ from Kansas
    where the buffalo roam.

  6. I love your reminder. Kids can never hear those things too much. So is “do it again and I am going to beat you” wrong? JUST KIDDING! thought you’d like the humor. I am going to remind her how much I enjoyed VBS and then our afternoon together. Great reminder, as usual.
    For the record, my kid is not beaten. Just lovingly disciplined. 😉
    I was so hoping to see your newest little one in picts today (though I guess not more than you).
    Lord, Bless Kelly and familly as they wait for your perfect timing…Amen.

  7. Kelly L.

    Thank you! Loved the humor…that’s why I posted this reminder–it’s for ME 😉 Because I say stupid things far too often…”What is wrong with you people?”…it’s important to counter those not-so-great parenting moments with more encouraging words.

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