Generation Cedar

How many times have I been to this place?

Broken, soul-prostrate, and begging for grace.

Bringing the same, ugly, flesh-covered sin–

Can I even ask You to pardon again?

It’s not that I think the fountain’s run dry,

(Foul I to that fountain fly!)

But in my flesh I have the fear

By now You think me insincere…

I say I hate the sin I bring

Yet it seems the one to which I cling!

Most Holy God, I praise Your name,

That you have for my rags exchanged,

A robe of righteousness–Your Son’s,

He paid it all, the work is done.

Unspeakable Love, You are why

I’ll spend my life–until I die,

Hating my sin and begging for grace,

No matter how often I’ve been to this place.

Kelly Crawford 8/2009

15 Responses

  1. Kelly,
    The thoughts you expressed so well in this poem have been on my heart today. I’m so thankful for God’s amazing grace. This poem is beautiful.

    Amy in AL

  2. You are such a gifted writer. I love the poem, as I can so relate. I hope you and yours are doing great! We love you!

  3. Beautiful. Your poem made me remember what our pastor said today: You cannot earn grace or it is not grace; it is wages. It was a sobering reminder, at least for me.

  4. Wow, Kelly. This is so accurate..How did you know what I think in my head all the time?! You are a very talented writer. Thank you for all your encouragement, advice, convictions… Love reading your blog! Congrats on the new sweet baby girl.

  5. I’m right there with you, dear sister in Christ. Thanks for sharing. And thanks be to God for His kind mercy and grace to me, a sinner.

  6. Thank you for your beautiful pen! How accurately you have captured my heart in a way that now I know has words.

    “But in my flesh I have the fear
    By now You think me insincere…
    I say I hate the sin I bring
    Yet it seems the one to which I cling!”

    Beautiful. Please keep sharing.

  7. I am so glad these words have been a blessing to others…it was truly what poured out of my heart yesterday, after worshiping and reflecting on God’s faithfulness.

    I do struggle–I guess we all do, in striving for holiness while beating down the nature of my flesh. As mothers, I think we may fall prey the particular weaknesses that plague the emotions–and Satan would love nothing more than to cause those weaknesses to become the tools that tear our homes down…but we will press on for the prize that is before us. Let us rise up with eagle’s wings, and run without weariness.

  8. You put my exact feelings today, into a beautiful poem. You truly have a way with words. Thank you for touching my heart.

  9. This is an excellent poem! It describes how I feel on a regular basis. At least now, I know I am not the only one who feels this way. Thank you for sharing this personal poem with us.

    P.S. Now I see why you call yourself the Word Warrior (smiles).

  10. I wondered when I read the poem if you were talking about emotions. That is where I struggle as well. Thank you so much. I’m so thankful for His Grace.

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