Grab Our (amazing, natural, fabulous) Skin Care Gift Set @ $10 off Retail! Hurry Before They’re Gone!

Girls, you may remember a while back when I posted about my new business on Amazon–Avalee Natural Skin Care now, White and Lea. I’m getting incredibly amazing feedback from customers (I’ll post just a few below) who are seeing real results in their skin. As in, fewer lines and wrinkles and a brighter face!

Well for Christmas, I’ve bundled the 3 stars of the show together in a beautiful organza bag with a lovely gift tag, all ready for you to give the perfect gift. What’s better, this gift set saves you $10 from the regular purchase price of each item! Included: Retinol Moisturizer, Vitamin C Serum & Coconut, Honey & Aloe Cleanser


Facial Skin Care Gift Set

We’ve also got a new product–there are no words for its deliciousness–Avocado & Green Tea Body Butter. If you have dry skin, you need this in your life. It’s packaged in a gift set with our Organic Sugar Scrub and again, saves you money to buy the set. Using these 2 together gives you a skin experience that is unparalleled. Seriously.


I don’t think these sets will last long, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to replenish by Christmas, so hurry and grab them!

Body Butter & Scrub Gift Set

What customers are saying:

“I’ve been using this serum for about a month now. I have really bad sun damage on my cheekbones from spending my teen years at the pool. I am amazed by this product! My actual skin texture has changed and is almost perfectly smooth! It no longer looks rough under my foundation and the redness also appears to be fading. I already use this serum along with the moisturizer (which is also amazing) and I can’t wait to try the facial cleanser next.”

“Love this moisturizer cream!! As we age our skin needs the extra nutrients. I love how this makes my skin so soft. As someone with sensitive skin I’ve had no problems, only improvements. Skin is softer, brighter, and more smooth. I’m extremely picky over ingredients and I’m happy to find a line with natural ingredients that WORK!! An added bonus, no stinky fragrance!!”

“I have been using this for about 2 weeks now and I saw a difference in my skin almost immediately. It lost it’s tired, worn out look and instead looks refreshed. I need something that will do the same for my spirit!”

“These products are the real deal. They work. And I can’t believe how affordably priced they are–way less than what I’ve been paying. I will never go back!”

Facial Skin Care Gift Set


Body Butter & Scrub Gift Set

3 Responses to “Grab Our (amazing, natural, fabulous) Skin Care Gift Set @ $10 off Retail! Hurry Before They’re Gone!”

  1. Alexis says:

    Please forgive my ignorance, but I know literally nothing about “girly” things like skin care. Could you please clarify *when* these products are used? Like is one something I would use in the shower and one something I would use after once my face is dry or something? Is one meant to be used at bedtime or as part of taking off make-up or what? (And which one is which?) Sorry, I’m completely clueless, but it’s time for me to start some kind of skin care routine and I’d love to do so supporting a small business. Thanks!

  2. Kelly says:

    Alexis, Sure! So the scrub and body butter are for your body, the scrub being used in the shower (exfoliates and softens) then the body butter afterwards for super softening and healing.

    The other set is for your face, ideal to use at night. Cleanser, then the vit c serum, then the moisturizer. Most people also use the moisturizer in the morning too if they need it.

    It’s a more natural solution to many popular skincare products which contain harsh chemicals and can be irritating.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. D. says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Do you ship to Canada? I didn’t find anything on of your facial products.

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