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Today I felt the need to just encourage all the mommies out there, who are devoting their lives to God’s highest calling for women. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I would love to see Motherhood being exalted everywhere, and mothers being encouraged and supported. I urge you to do your own never know how a short note to a frazzled mom can re-fuel her. Or I know I’ve had a stranger in public who simply smiled and commented that we had a lovely family, and it really combated the negative comments we are prone to receive. I’m trying to get my nerve up to be able to say to any pregnant woman I see in public, “you are blessed among women”. Or, get really bold, and submit a Mother’s Day editorial to your local newspaper.

We all, banded together, can fight the opposition of our culture to Motherhood. We must be more verbal, more enthusiastic about our God-given role. Young mothers especially, need to hear our words of support. They are not getting very much, even from their local churches. We can’t complain about our society’s negative propaganda toward children if we are not willing to do something about it! So, let’s do! Feel free to begin by e-mailing this post to a mother you know! And, here’s a poem for you!

A Mother is….

A mother is a pair of hands from dawn ‘til setting sun,
That cradles babes, and strokes their hair and guides her little ones.

A mother is a pair of feet that hardly rests all day,
That follows after little needs, but still has time to play.

A mother is a set of eyes that must watch carefully,
Everything her children do, and say, and hear and see.

A mother is a pair of ears that bend down close to hear,
The thoughts and dreams of stammering tongues that will quickly disappear.

A mother is a smiling mouth that must balance scold and praise,
Speaking words of gentleness and kissing all the day!

A mother is a lot of things but mostly she is this,
A heart designed by God’s own hand to nurture all his gifts!

May 6, 2004

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  1. That is a beautiful poem…thank you for sharing it with was lovely reading through it…and well as Mothers Day is approaching i’d also like you to visit my blog on Mothers Day Wishes sometime and enjoy all that i’ve posted there…and while you’re at it do share your thoughts!!!

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