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“What if solutions were clear to academia, but weren’t politically correct?”

A small group of us gathered with sheet and projector a few nights ago to watch an astounding documentary.

We sat in amazement as a group of academic elites candidly explained statistics and “simple facts” about the world that have only been espoused out loud by a few regarded as “conservative extremist”.

Turns out, the “right-wings” (us) are not so “right-winged” after all; this profoundly telling, new documentary has some shocking news for the world:

“The biggest problem we face globally is a declining population.”

And everything connected to that–it addresses the real facts about “global warming”, the divorce crisis, the myth of the population bomb, and the unraveling of economic systems when there are too few people to support them.

Additionally, many of the causes of a declining population contribute to a deterioration of the traditional family; and this, according to these statisticians, is the core problem.

Demographic Winter is a documentary by prestigious doctors, demographers, philosophers and psychologists–Harvard graduates, mind you, NON-CHRISTIANS who have “done the math” and objectively see what few others understand.

“It’s the most politically incorrect conclusion, but the only accurate one.”

“…most of those interviewed for the film do not consider themselves ‘conservatives’ at all. Besides a smattering of pro-family activists, interviewees addressed the crisis of falling birthrates from an academic perspective. Those who appear in the film include sociologists, demographers, and economists (among them, a Nobel laureate in economics) from some of the most prestigious universities here and abroad.”

I am working on a video-post (my first one!) for more on this fascinating film!

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  1. We have this video, and we absolutely love it!!!

    At the same time it is very disturbing.

    We can’t recommend it higher, although we seriously doubt it would cause anyone to have another child. If money isn’t working in Europe, then “for the future good” – esspecially when so many don’t understand it to actually BE good to have another child, won’t work either.

    I would be happy if it simply lifted some of the persecution large families fall under, but …. when you do something for God it’s generally always misunderstood.

    Can’t wait for further reviews. 🙂


  2. Wow that sounds like a really interesting documentary. I would love to see it… alas, Netflix doesn’t have it (at least not yet). I am looking forward to your new video post.

  3. Friends of ours have it, and brought it over…you can order them from the website–

    We are thinking of ordering several to give to local churches…this is a message that God’s people need to hear!

  4. I saw the preview for this a while ago – Wish I could see it! We’ll have to wait until Netflix starts carrying it though : /

  5. I am surprised to hear that the birth rate is down among all people, not European-descended white people. Is this true?!

  6. Sounds like an interesting but disturbing documentary. However, like Civilla stated, I was also surprised that the low birth population was among ALL nationality groups. I’ve heard (I don’t know if it’s true or not) that the birth rate was low only among Euro-American cultural groups.

  7. I’ll jot down some stats when I watch this again in a few nights…but if I recall, the decline was in every nation. Russia, I think, fared the worst, with a possible “point of no return”…I just posted recently about the government incentives to Russian women–$9,000 per baby…it didn’t work. Their nation is dying.

  8. That is really sad about Russia. I think that a nation is really in a state of hopelessness when the people refuse to bring children into the world. When you feel hopeless, you have no faith (which is built on hope). It takes faith to bring children into the world. Faith that God will take care of you and them if you bring children into this terribly fallen world. Jesus said, “When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the earth?”

  9. I have to say that this is the first post I’ve read that has made me optimistic about my large family. We have five boys and I’ve been lamenting about the fact that I have so much work to do in preparing these young men for a life of godly servitude and leadership. I am still concerned that the task may prove to be greater than I am but of course, that’s exactly why the Lord wants me to rely on him. I had once heard that the Muslim population was increasing as much as the Christian population was declining so I started telling everyone that the world needed more Christians in it. But I think to all the naysayers out there, I have come up with a new slogan. I have kids to save the world. Not everyone needs to understand our faith, but with this new demographic information, I’ll be able to get my point across to those that don’t believe. Then maybe they’ll stop giving me such a hard time.

  10. listermom,

    “I have kids to save the world.”

    Amen! It always depends on the circumstance, but I have said to “naysayers” before…

    “I’m raising an army; I can’t think of anything more important to invest my time in.”

    “I am not ashamed of the gospel”…maybe verbalizing our belief in the blessing of children is included in that!

  11. I loved the video and highly recommend it. I agree with anon, though. I don’t think that it will cause people to have more children.

    There was a time, when I was a young woman, that I didn’t want any children, for selfish reasons. Also, back then, you were considered selfish to want children, because it was not good for “the planet”. That environmentalism again.

    In the late ’70’s, my husband and I had a born-again experience. In other words, we got saved.

    It was not long after that, that we began to have Godly desires, because we had changed hearts, and we then desired a family.

    We discovered that we had infertility problems, then, and an operation was necessary. By then, we were in our mid-to-late 30’s, had been married 17 years, and were blessed to end up with the two sons that we got.

    My point is that, although we SHOULD show videos like this, and we SHOULD work to end abortion (murder) in our country, and we SHOULD encourage Christians to vote in Godly government, etc., preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ MUST be the main (not the only) thing that we do.

    Unless people’s hearts are changed, they are not likely to have Godly desires or to want Godly things.

    If encouraging Americans to do these Godly things becomes divorced from preaching the Gospel, well, then, all we have is another form of the “social gospel”.

    We should not stop doing these things, but when they become the main thing, we will end up like the Salvation Army.

    The Salvation Army was a Godly, evangelical group. One day, I am told, a woman gave them a huge sum of money to help the poor. They did that, and somehow, the cart got ahead of the horse, and helping the poor became the main thing, ahead of the preaching of the Gospel instead of alongside.

    Now, helping the poor is the ONLY thing that the Salvation Army is known for by the average person. I was in my mid-30’s before I realized that they were a Christian church (denomination)! I thought that Salvation Army meant that they saved used clothing. (I was dumb, I know…).

    So, let’s not forget to preach the Gospel, as well as to encourage Christians and non-Christians alike to do these Godly things.

    Good job, Kelly.

  12. Civilla,

    I was thinking precisely along these lines last night…but this was my analysis:

    We can’t “make disciples of all nations”, which is the GC and involves preaching the gospel, until we are making disciples of our own children and families.

    Christians, by and large, are not doing that. What can we offer to the world if the gospel “isn’t working” within our own families? If our hearts and our children’s hearts are not being changed–the kind of change that effects life change?

    It is my conclusion that when Christians begin allowing the gospel to change their lives–living out the Bible, that the lost will be beating on OUR doors.

    I guess that’s why my passion lies so much in talking to Christians.

  13. Yes, that is very good. God calls people to talk to Christians. And, it hurts me to see so many children who were raised in Christian homes who choose not to serve God.

  14. Thanks so much for getting this info out there! I had a hunch that the “population explosion” was a bunch of crap. But, this video backs up my “hunch” with cold hard facts and number crunching. We ordered the video thank to your blog and we will be sharing it with our family members who are flying in to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. We may ask our church to consider showing it as well (highly unlikely they would however).

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