Generation Cedar

Hey Mama, Here’s the Secret for Getting Through the Hard Days

You need to know something. Just because I write about home and family, marriage, and the joys and gloriousness of motherhood, doesn’t mean I spend all my days with a throng of happy, smiling children around me, basking in their sweet revelries, reflecting on how easy parenting is. Some days, if you could peek into […]

Homeschooling Success: Can Children Take Charge of Their Own Education?

Can children take charge of their own education? Just asking the question, “Can children take charge of their own education” sounds completely radical to most of us. I’ll admit, even as much as my thinking about homeschooling has morphed over the years, there is still that part of me that holds on to some fear […]

Why Homeschooling Stresses You Out & Why it Totally Shouldn’t

Undoing social norms Several hundred years ago, Galileo was not only the laughing stock of mainstream society, he was tortured and imprisoned (for the duration of his life) because he believed that the sun was the center of the solar system. Just typing that sentence makes me shake my head. How could something so clear […]

Christian Homeschooling: Am I Teaching My Children the Right Things?

Even the most avid homeschool family stops periodically and asks, “Are we teaching our children the right things?” Heavily swayed by outside pressures and our own influence by the state’s agenda, Christians easily lose focus of our educational responsibility before the Lord. R.C. Sproul Jr. has written one of my favorite books-a book I think […]

Motherhood: It’s Not Just Something I Am

It’s hard for me to understand how the masses became convinced that motherhood was a “peripheral” job. In an interview I recently had, I concluded: Being a wife and mother is not just something we ARE; it’s something we DO. And that changes everything. Because that “doing” is magnanimous. What we do, that is, what […]

Storm Strikes Again

It is hard to believe I’m writing to tell you that our home was hit by another storm yesterday afternoon. (For new readers, we lost our home to a tornado in 2011.) With no expectations of bad weather, my husband called, on his way home, to say that there were high winds in our area […]