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Schooling Has Nothing to Do With Real Education: Part 1 (John Taylor Gatto)

Real Education

Few books have ever affected me the way John Taylor Gatto’s  A Different Kind of Teacher has. Gatto, a 30-year veteran school teacher in a NY city school, quit because, he said, “I am no longer willing to hurt children.” The book is so powerful, so profound, and so radically challenges everything most people believe about public education […]

How We Keep Our Children From Becoming Their Best (Without Even Realizing It)

We Devastate Children with “The Box” The Box I believe one of the most horrific, detrimental things we have done to children, which they carry into adulthood as it shapes their very destiny, is our creation of “the box” in which we regard everyone in it normal and everyone outside of it not normal. My […]

Christian Influence in Public Schools: Navigate Societal Challenges

Christian Influence in Public Schools

I have dreaded publishing this post, and I have prayed heavily over it, begging the Lord to use it to challenge and move hearts. Christian Influence in Public Schools: Navigate Societal Challenges Christian Influence in Public Schools, is the most sacred cow of our society making it one of the most volatile to discuss. Know […]

Home The Center of Education (Part 5)

Home The Center of Education

Taking from the article that prompted this series, the third function of home mentioned is “education”. This is a timely post as I have just begun reading Restoring America One County at a Time by Joel McDurmon (also available on Kindle). This might be one of the most important books of our generation. Go get […]

Answers in Tragedy: The Devastating Results of Humanism

Answers in Tragedy

We all want answers, or reasons or somehow to make sense of the horrific tragedy that happened in Connecticut a few weeks ago. I don’t know why it happened and neither do you; and even knowing how infinite the evil heart is, it’s hard to understand how a human gets to that point. But I […]

I Was a Brain-Washed School Teacher (Raising Entrepreneurs)

Raising Entrepreneurs

This might be one of the most encouraging things you’ve ever watched, especially if you have a child who struggles with school, doesn’t “fit the mould”, or hates math. 😉 Understanding the fact that different kids have different bents has escaped mainstream thought. I think one of the most harmful things the conventional classroom does […]

On Shooting People: We Are a Society of Contradiction

We all want to know “why”. Why did a brilliant young man barge into a theater and murder people he didn’t even know? People he wasn’t even mad at? And I know there have been some great articles expounding on this tragedy, so I don’t mean to belabor the point, but still, there are things […]

Christians: A Form of Godliness Denying Its Power?

(First sentence edited…my apologies if it sounded unloving.  I had just come from the discussion that spurred this post, and was feeling a little “charged” 😉 I wonder why so many Christians never stop and say, “What are we doing wrong?” I’m amazed at how quickly some get upset about any suggestions outside the “norm”, […]

What Does the School Bus Have to Do With the Future of American Healthcare?

“One of the mantras we hear repeatedly these days is, “we don’t want socialism.”  While that sounds good (and conservative, and constitutional, and patriotic, etc.), it rings hollow when you consider the overwhelming majority of the people leading the charge have their children in what amounts to socialized education.  What’s the difference?  If you’re really […]

Public School: The Insanity of the Right

(Thanks to Heather for passing along this article.) “Insanity  is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein “Next month the right will send millions of their own children to public schools that are literally controlled by the left – meaning that it is only the liberals’ “values,” “morals” […]