Generation Cedar

I Have Some Baby News

Well, I’m a little late posting this news, but I’ve been a bit busy BEING A GRANDMA! Actually, my official Grandma name is “Lovey.” And I am loving every minute of it.  Watching your baby have a baby naturally is not the most fun experience, but she did great! I told her “Next time, one of […]

Baby Zane is Born!

We are so excited and grateful to the Lord for the arrival of Zane Emory! After heading toward the hospital Sunday night around 11, contractions let up and we turned around and came home, grabbing a few hours of sleep and then heading back around 3:30 am. (Deciding when to go was tortuous for me […]

Kaid & What I’ve Obviously Been Up To

I’m pretty busy these days. In case you can’t guess, I’ve been nursing. And nursing some more. And lovin’ on chubby cheeks. When I get the chance. Babies are awesome. It’s always like having one for the first time. I think God did that on purpose. Don’t you?

Storm Strikes Again

It is hard to believe I’m writing to tell you that our home was hit by another storm yesterday afternoon. (For new readers, we lost our home to a tornado in 2011.) With no expectations of bad weather, my husband called, on his way home, to say that there were high winds in our area […]

Living a Legacy…Changing the World One Home at a Time

Our Living a Legacy conference was a huge success! I am so refreshed, encouraged and inspired by the many women who came and whose hearts are yearning to build homes for the glory of God! We laughed, we cried and we came away with a renewed vision of the profound work of “home missions”. A […]


I can’t believe it! After almost a year since last April’s beastly tornado, through the love, sweat, sacrifice and devotion of hundreds of people, we spent the first night back at home Friday! I cried. We rejoiced. And we gathered around as my husband urged our children to remember, “This is not our house but […]

Update: Six Months After the Storm

In one sense it seems like such a short time ago since April’s fury turned our lives upside down. But it has been 1/2 a year ago today. It’s so difficult to describe the roller coaster of emotions we’ve experienced. Deepest grief from the loss of our dear friend and neighbor, Tom, and for the […]

Thank You!

Just wanted to send a quick note out to say “thank you” for all your sweet well-wishes and thoughts on the birth of our son, Jax.  I have savored each one. (Thank you, Kathy, for the beautiful blanket–I think it becomes him!) The birth went very well (I may share more details a little later […]

Pregnancy Update…

My official “due date” was last Wednesday, the 16th.  I am still pregnant, though 😉 In all honesty, this has been one of my greatest struggles with a pregnancy yet. Part of me knows that the truth is a “due date” is only an average between 4 weeks of what is considered normal delivery time. So […]